DLJ and Luny alone?

Sunday evening DLJ and I went out to dinner. Alone. A couple.

Mom and my Aunt watched the Kidlet at home while we went to the Cheesecake Factory, DLJ’s choice. It was kinda strange. Familiar, but strange. I had a good time.

I used to think when parents went out and then instead of enjoying it kept calling home it was over worry. And maybe for many, that’s the case. I can already tell that for me, it will be just MISSING the little guy. He’s addictive. Sometimes when DLJ has him for the evening and I should be sleeping I come back down to where they are just to look at him.

Yes, when we are apart, it will be just missing his smile, his warm little body, that will do me in.

But we had a fantastic time, held hands in the car and enjoyed our night out. And Mom and Aunt T enjoyed time with him. They go back to Arizona tomorrow. Today is stellar weather so we will go for a walk with a friend and her 1 year old later in the day to enjoy the last bits of warm sunshine we get before fall and winter truly set in.

Going out was really good. We should make a point of being able to do that. What would be neat is to set something up with my friends with kids, one night a month they go out and we watch, and one night vice versa, etc. That way each of us knows our boys are in good, safe hands, taking out the worry factor, and we can otherwise enjoy some adult time out.


Sorry. I am around, I should update more.

I’m fine, the little guy is fine, he smiles now. We are awaiting his first laugh. We went to the coast over the weekend and it worked out really well, even with the two hour drive each way.

My Mom is coming into the state for a week with her sister, and will stop by. I know she has been missing the little guy.

Time for a shower, teeth brushing, and sleeeeeeeep. He only wakes me once a night now…but it’s still 45 min to over an hour lost each night.