Post Turkey

The sun is low in the sky, due to the time of day and time of year.

DLJ is out back raking leaves, we are just in from a walk around the neighborhood. Some folks have their lights up already, so tonight starts the holiday fun. I am looking forward to a nighttime walk soon with my family so little Derek can see them, even though he won’t get what he is looking at yet. He can see pretty far now, and colors are kicking in, so I think he might be fascinated.

I had a coffee and DLJ got me a giant yellow smiley faced mug full of flowers. “I wanted to get you something to let you know you are doing a great job as Mom. You don’t get reviews or raises or even get paid, so…”

AWWWWWW. *melt*

Derek is snoozing in the stroller after our walk, and when DLJ is done with leaves I will go get some more flour from the store, as I used it up today making banana muffins. It’s chilly out but at night my family is warm and safe in bed, all of us in the same room.

I don’t need much else. Life is good.