Growing boy

He still has trouble staying asleep…but he’s a happy, good boy overall. He is growing so fast. I raised the straps on his carseat to day to the upper level for bigger babies, he’s so tall.


I love him so much. Even at 4 am.

Days go by…

Derek is sleeping. I have been working hard to give him better naps, so that he might become a better night sleeper. Sometimes I feel really overdone with his frequent waking, and ready to try anything to get him to sleep. I don’t want him sleeping through the night (beyond 4-5 hours a stretch) as he is too young for that. His mind is active and learning at night, and I want my boy smart! But it’s hard. Hard to accept that this is what he is, for now. But all the books are like, yeah, 4 hours good… I’d LOVE 4. Heh. I get 2, or 1.5.

But I need to remember that he is who he is, and its GOOD FOR HIM TO wake if he is waking. He has his reasons, and this will pass soon enough. I just get torn with the siren call of things to do, then the voices of reason reminding me he’s not even 5 months old, and that messing with sleep schedules before a year can be not so good. I never want to try cry it out methods, ever. I never want him to learn “oh, I am crying…but Mom is not coming, she won’t be here to help me.”



He’s a cutie. I am making a casserole for dinner and did the prep work while he is napping. We went to a Mom’s group in Hillsboro today, a long drive but worth it to stay in the loop with these women (they are part of a free new Moms group at the hospital I delivered in, and after 6 months you graduate…but you can keep going to your own playgroups…)

Our street is about to be dug up to put in digital cable or some such fanciness, there are orange, red, and green spray lines all over the place.

I am waiting for Spring. I know I will wait awhile…it’s time to order veggie seeds! I wonder what to grow this year, more strawberries and carrots, tomatoes….I want to start asparagus (it takes 3 years for them to be harvestable), maybe ill just get started on that…