• 17:41 hands covered in spices, back from a Portland jaunt with Sir Derek. Dinner will be coconut braised chicken and broccoli. almost the weekend! #
  • 17:41 @jamesinho for the thousandth time, I wish you guys lived up here. =) Go MayumiMamma! #

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It’s been awhile….

Spring is here.

Derek is 7 months plus and just about ready to crawl. He is army crawling and getting all of his legs up in the air while trying to move forward on his hands and toes.

We went on a two hour walk today to enjoy the warmer weather. He had a good time, I think, we went with 3 other Moms. Tomorrow is play date day. We went swimming today too, so it was quite busy!

I have a glass show at the end of the month at the Convention Center, so I am in the home stretch for that. Of course, I have so little studio time these days, but I should have enough inventory.

DLJ is watching the kung fu channel. It makes me want sake…bad. We have some but it’s late. =)