suck, that’s me

I haven’t been writing at Livejournal makes it so easy…but I WANT this site to live and be interesting. I want to pull everything in here, flickr, etc. I need to work on that. My pal Halsted knows so much about getting everything in one place….maybe I will go stalk her site and see more of how she does it,and try to integrate here.

It’s a rainy Friday. Derek had fun at playgroup, and is now napping. When he wakes we will go to get some Copper River Salmon. It’s very $$$ but I get it once a season to support wild caught salmon vs. farmed. Today is the day. I like the rain, it was so hot last week, even though we escaped most of it by being at the coast. I don’t know what the weather is for this holiday weekend, but we will have fun no matter what. Saturday will be our first trip this season to the local farmer’s market, which is open again, YAY! I told DLJ we can do whatever he wants for Memorial Day, since it is more of a day off for him, than me. =)

I hope to get some studio time, but that’s about it. I want to start making winestoppers and I just need some time to mess around and see what I can do.

I’m down in the family room, which is finally, all the way finished. Carpet, walls, all of it. DLJ even hid the wires behind the baseboard he installed. We got a big baby gate type guard and it is blocking off the tv.entertainment console and the two shelves of CDs and DVDs from the little guy. As the days get warmer we will hang out down here more. Well, gotta go to the loo, and do so before he wakes so….potty calls for me! Didn’t you want to know that? I knew¬† you did.