glass whore

You will note a link to my etsy shop on the main page of my blog now. Not much there at the moment, but I am hoping that will change. I am changing juiceglass a lot right now, how I sell, where, what…a lot of it is behind the scenes at the moment, but for now, anything I sell pretty much will be in etsy, it’s easier to just stick to one thing for now as the hammer and nails fly in the background.

Feel free to buy if you see anything you like as the days/weeks/months go by! Support handmade art! And I mean HAND MADE. I sometimes have issue with  “beading” as “handmade” but that is another post entirely that will probably piss people off. I just think handmade should be mostly truly handmade, all the pieces, not bought and strung. But there is no real name for “buying beads and clasps and chain and findings and stringing it and its done by human hands, not mass produced” so handmade is the word for now for all of it, I suppose.

This weekend we are putting a ceiling in in the glass studio. I have a roof, but no ceiling. This is very cold-making in the winter, so I am hoping a ceiling will help. Dad is coming out with Mom for the “fun” event. And DLJ and I will probably get a lovely dinner out on Saturday while the grandparents spend time with their darling grandson. ;)

I should be in the studio right now, but my babysitter hurt her ankle and is on crutches. I love having her, even if I didn’t have work to do I would love the time to myself twice a week. But I do have work to do, and I do have some to do right now, even if not in the studio itself. I will try to torch tonight after Derek goes to sleep, but after that I have to start clearing the place out for the ceiling construction. Nothing like forced cleaning, but man, the place NEEDS it. With so little studio time, I work, I don’t clean. ;)


I had a wonderful birthday today. Lots of fun with Derek, and friends from California, and DLJ. I am tired after a late dinner of burgers on the grill. Time to shower and get ready for a fun weekend with Mystarion and Ivy!

Why am I such a lame journaler

I spend all my time posting snippets in livejournal, neglecting this good ol’ domain.

LJ is just so easy….I dunno. If I could get LJ to post over here, all would be perfect.

I am sitting here eating some whole wheat pasta while Derek naps and the laundry spins. It’s a nice Thursday; we took a walk this morning with some other Moms. My friend Mystarion and his wife Ivy are coming to town as it is my birthday tomorrow. Mystarion is very allergic to cats, so they don’t stay with us, but it may be a challenge with Derek, we hang out at home so much now as a result…I don’t want Mystarion miserable in my house. I have to look up when they are arriving tomorrow.

Sax left, he was visiting! Do you longtimers remember Sax? The New Zealand fling? 13 years later he finally showed up to say hi. He made a special trip to Oregon while he was in the United States and we hung out at the Doug Fir Lounge, and my house the next day, before I took him to the airport. It was wonderful to connect again.

Derek is getting teeth like crazy, and is almost 11 months old. He is such a sweet boy. He calls everything “DADA” right now. He speaks long strings of consonants and syllables in his own language. He crawls, stands up, cruises around. He’s a bundle of trouble and joy all at once.

Hopefully it won’t be another month or two before another update. Maybe I should schedule it so I know I do it at least weekly, huh? For all 3 of you left to read?