Mint overload

I let my mint tea steep for the past 20 minutes, it’s a doozy of a cup of tea. MINTY!

Derek is snoozing, I started a bead on its electroforming journey in the studio. It’s so nice and clean down there. It got out of control this past year, with so little time I didn’t want to spend any cleaning, so I will now try to clean a little after every work session, and spend a little time Sunday night straightening.

No signs of mice, tho there WERE fresh nibbles on my shears…but that might have happened between Sunday and Wednesday…but still, if the door was shut, how did the mouse get back in? I cleaned up its nest behind the drawer, made of chewed up paper and insulation from the walls. I guess he lived there quite awhile. But Lolita got him in the end, being a cat, which is what she is.

It’s cloudy today, and cool. There is no usual Mom’s group as a lot of folks are out of town or have family visiting. One Mom wanted to go to the zoo, but I am planning on going Monday, so I that would be a lot of times in a week.

The weekend looks fairly fun yet simple. A birthday party on Sunday…and nothing else really planned. I am watching the cats for a friend this weekend, and maybe I will get some time listing some items and working on a developing web project, or another glass project. I sure keep busy, you’d think Derek would be enough!

I can’t believe he turns a year old on the 21st. How did that HAPPEN so fast? =)

3 thoughts on “Mint overload

  1. Nothing to do with the specific post – just want to say – gorgeous renovation on your website! Absolutely beautiful!

  2. Chalk up another win for the Smashing Magazine theme articles :)

    Somehow I could never get my head around mint tea – but I do love green tea from Whittards in England.

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