Sunny days not here to stay

Today is gorgeous. Just a perfect fall day.

I did some studio work and DLJ is painting our bathroom, it is almost done, finally! We were to go out with friends to pumpkin boat races, but Derek is still sleeping, and the races end in less than an hour, so I don’t think we will make it.

He has been pretty miserable with teething (we think!) the past week. He has been a great sleeper but is having problems recently, I hope that is why and when they push through, he goes back to sleeping better.

I made carmel apples this week.

It is too dang nice to be here at this monitor, so I am fleeing it for now!

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  1. Jonathan Says:

    Greetings from far away England. I listened to Thomas Dolby this morning on my commute and thought of you guys.

    Winter is here now with a vengeance… rain, cold, and some brimstone from time to time.

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