Back in the Bay Area

DLJ is here for Macworld, Derek and I came along for the ride. We took two days to drive from Portland, stopping overnight in Ashland, OR. Derek did really well for his first real road trip. Much better than I expected. He was a happy guy almost the whole time, and never really had a true crying jag about being stuck in the car so long. We took lots of breaks and let him run around a lot in rest areas.

It is always good to be back here, though I never get to see as many people or do as much as I would like. This will be especially true with Derek with me…still, I can go see parts of the city through his eyes, perhaps.

Anywhere near the BART line, at least! We have the car, too, we could go out to the avenues or the beach.

I doubt anyone local to SF still reads this, but we are here this week if you want to say hi, have the day off or want to meet up for lunch. I know I am meeting up with Halsted, and Mystarion and Ivy, and stopping by my old culinary stomping ground, the restaurant I worked at for a year for free (Palio).

Anyone have any SF kid tips? I never had to know this stuff while here. Derek is 16 months now, so still a little guy.

6 thoughts on “Back in the Bay Area

  1. Hey! Yes, I still do keep up with your writing from time to time. I work really close to Palio (that’s on Sacramento, right?) so let me know when you’ll be there and I’ll see if I can pop by.


  2. Hey Lunesse, I’m in the area, but I work @ night, so the best I can muster is some early morning coffee somewhere.

  3. Next month, I’ll be driving up much of the route you just drove down. We’re overnighting in Cottage Grove, OR between Reno and Portland.

    All in all, I’d so love to be in San Francisco right now! What I wouldn’t give for a lovely little truffle from RoCocoa’s Faerie Queene Chocolates on the Castro. I wonder if they’re still in business. They made the most splendid Belgian chocolate rats. :)

  4. I’m so jealous – I love San Francisco, and have only had a few chances to visit over the years. Wander into City Lights for me :)

  5. Hm, B, I don’t know if we will be in the city super early. We are planning to come in on Friday afternoon, and morning tomorrow, but I don’t know when yet….

    email? lunesse at lunesse dot com!

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