I really should be scanning documents into the computer for sending out in email form, but I really don’t want to. That is so boring. I like editing glass photos instead:

Peach Fizz Necklace

I can hear a train outside, I really like hearing them, especially later at night then this. It’s like when I am at the coast and I can see the fishing boats out on the water late at night, the orange lights glimmering at the horizon. I like that someone else is awake, and will be awake even after I have fallen asleep.

Derek and I went to the zoo today. It was very cold but we still saw many of the animals, the baby elephant has grown a lot but is still small and cute. It moves its legs so fast compared to the adults, less bulk and less length to move.

I haven’t even taken care of the trash and recycling yet. Ok. I have to go do work. I’d really rather play with glass photos. One last trip out to the studio before I shut it down for the night, I snuck an hour in this morning and want to see how the recent work came out. I think another hour or so and I can go sneak a peek.