Derek Milestone

He said his first 3 syllable word today, a few times.

*drum roll*


What a BOY.
I have been a little mildly worried about his speech, just cause he makes up a lot of words for words, even when he can understand what I am saying…but this was definitely “screwdriver.”

Milk love

I love getting our local, non homogenized milk SO much. It’s a treat to drink now, and I want LESS of it because it is so delicious and rich tasting compared to regular stuff. I wish I had had access to this decades ago for my body. I eat less processed cereal now because I only get myself a half gallon a week, for drinking, so putting it on cereal is less for drinking. Derek still doesn’t drink milk other than mine, but when he does, I will start getting him some from here, too.

Here’s why:
” Milk that you buy in the grocery store is processed; this means that it runs through a machine called a homonogizer. This machine applies 2500 psi of pressure on one side while the milk gets pressed through a tiny hole with zero pressure on the other side. During this process the milk “explodes” causing all of the milk elements (such as fat, vitamins, enzymes, and membranes) to be broken down into very tiny particles. These particles can be absorbed directly into the blood stream via your mouth. While some of these particles, such as enzymes, are beneficial when digested properly, many of these particles are detrimental to your health. Fatty acids released during the homonogizing process have been known to cause blocked arteries and heart disease.

It is important to know that any processed food including milk, margarine, soy, oils and others are not good for your body or your health. The Noris Glass Bottled Milk line is not processed. Instead of processing we pasteurize our milk so it is safe to drink, allowing it to be as natural as possible. You will notice the difference in our milk when the cream rises to the top. Noris milk will not cause blocked arteries because it is not processed.

The cows producing Noris milk are on pasture all year long. Our cows consume natural grass with herbs, producing a very good tasting, healthy milk with all the goodies nature offers in the pasture. “

Thursday Thoughts

Lots going on, nothing going on.

I need to pick up a book at the library. It’s all about omega fats. Sounds scintillating, doesn’t it? Today is trash day, so Derek loves standing at the window on his stool and watching all the big green trucks drive around. One driver even flashes his lights at Derek when he sees him on his way back down the cul de sac right across the street.

Today I am figuring out final jewelry display supplies to pick up tomorrow down in Portland, and surfing potty adaptor thingies, as Derek has been wanting to sit on the big potty, and it will be easier on both of us if I don’t have to hold him each time to keep him from falling in. ;)  We will go out for  a walk later with one of his friends, and there will be lunch in there somewhere. Right now he is dancing in circles to Queen. I am looking forward to his nap time today, I just might take a nap myself!


What a day! I finished getting the gravel down around the beds. I didn’t think I would finish today. We still have more lawn to get rid of, but around the beds are done, and we want to build one more smaller bed to be Derek’s to care for. He helped a lot today, taking small handfuls of gravel out of the wheelbarrow and walking to the gravel area and dropping it down with the rest.

In the afternoon we went swimming and for the first time in months, we went down the waterslide with him. Previously he had been indifferent; NOT TODAY!

He wanted to go over and over, and went at least 7 or 8 times. He was so excited each time it was our turn to climb the stairs, and DLJ said when we came around the final turn Derek always had a huge smile on his face. I was going to dunk him today for the first time, but one of the times he went down the slide with DLJ they went under, and he came up sputtering, but then wanted to go on the slide again, so that counts as his first dunk!

Our Sunday ritual of pizza for dinner is underway in the oven. I hung out with a neighbor who is a gardener and gave him some of the leftover asparagus crowns.

I have to cut out a bunch of bunny buck teeth and eyes tonight after Derek is in bed. We had a nice stroll after dinner around the hood (time lapse finishing this entry.)

Busy week, including picking up cream, milk, and our veggie/fruit box tomorrow. I am going to make butter this week!



I just took a shower with Derek AND DLJ. We were all in the garden today, a lot, and we all were dirty!

We got a yard of blended compost/soil/manure to top off our veggie beds and replenish our soil storage tanks for the growing season. Half of it is already in the backyard in the beds, and in one of the large storage containers. Then we got a yard of gravel, and all of it was shoveled out in two trips onto the driveway and now some of it is in the backyard on the beginning of the de-lawning of the veggie garden area. There’s a long way to go and a lot of plant blocker fabric and gravel to spread around, but the beds are ready, I turned them yesterday and today added the new soil and turned it all again to mix it all up.

Tomorrow I will plant, and while I was hoping to have an easy day on Sunday, I should probably do more gravel work, as it is too loud to do when Derek sleeps and not something I can really do well when he is with me in the garden, with all the trips to the driveway with the wheelbarrow.

Dinner is pasta with sauce, veggie and wine. Yum. I hope we all sleep well tonight after so much work!

Space Pod

It’s Friday. This weekend is gardening, maybe swimming, DLJ has a cold and so far I have been lucky, so has Derek. We are still healthy.

I hope to get some studio time, as there is not much time left for me before the show in April, since I get only a couple days a week to be in the studio. Derek is napping, and then we are going to a local coffee house to see our old realtor, she owes me a little money for some web work in the hazy past. Plus, it is just good to see her, and she hasn’t seen Derek in over a year.

Then, of course, BSG tonight. It’s the only show I watch regularly at all, so I guess I will be back to nothin’ for shows after this.

Here’s Space Pod, a big focal.