Milk love

I love getting our local, non homogenized milk SO much. It’s a treat to drink now, and I want LESS of it because it is so delicious and rich tasting compared to regular stuff. I wish I had had access to this decades ago for my body. I eat less processed cereal now because I only get myself a half gallon a week, for drinking, so putting it on cereal is less for drinking. Derek still doesn’t drink milk other than mine, but when he does, I will start getting him some from here, too.

Here’s why:
” Milk that you buy in the grocery store is processed; this means that it runs through a machine called a homonogizer. This machine applies 2500 psi of pressure on one side while the milk gets pressed through a tiny hole with zero pressure on the other side. During this process the milk “explodes” causing all of the milk elements (such as fat, vitamins, enzymes, and membranes) to be broken down into very tiny particles. These particles can be absorbed directly into the blood stream via your mouth. While some of these particles, such as enzymes, are beneficial when digested properly, many of these particles are detrimental to your health. Fatty acids released during the homonogizing process have been known to cause blocked arteries and heart disease.

It is important to know that any processed food including milk, margarine, soy, oils and others are not good for your body or your health. The Noris Glass Bottled Milk line is not processed. Instead of processing we pasteurize our milk so it is safe to drink, allowing it to be as natural as possible. You will notice the difference in our milk when the cream rises to the top. Noris milk will not cause blocked arteries because it is not processed.

The cows producing Noris milk are on pasture all year long. Our cows consume natural grass with herbs, producing a very good tasting, healthy milk with all the goodies nature offers in the pasture. “

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