Thursday Thoughts

Lots going on, nothing going on.

I need to pick up a book at the library. It’s all about omega fats. Sounds scintillating, doesn’t it? Today is trash day, so Derek loves standing at the window on his stool and watching all the big green trucks drive around. One driver even flashes his lights at Derek when he sees him on his way back down the cul de sac right across the street.

Today I am figuring out final jewelry display supplies to pick up tomorrow down in Portland, and surfing potty adaptor thingies, as Derek has been wanting to sit on the big potty, and it will be easier on both of us if I don’t have to hold him each time to keep him from falling in. ;)  We will go out for  a walk later with one of his friends, and there will be lunch in there somewhere. Right now he is dancing in circles to Queen. I am looking forward to his nap time today, I just might take a nap myself!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Extraordinary how time passes. The image of Derek standing on a stool watch garbage trucks is like one shot in a movie time-lapse sequence about growing up.

    T xo

  2. I remember emailing you the day he smiled at me for the first time. How was that almost a year and a half ago. It’s totally true, it goes so fast, for good and bad. You are fortunate you got to do it three times, in terms of capturing the moments in your head and heart. Each one that goes by, I know I will not see again.

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