Sweet as….

honey. I am eating local organic yogurt and local honey. The honey is AMAZING. It says here….

* All honey is from beekeepers in the Willamette Valley, Oregon—except for Fireweed from Washington and Orange Blossom from California.
* The honey is gently warmed to under 115 degrees Fahrenheit and the wax and larger particles skimmed. Unfiltered, our honey still contains traces of Pollen and Propolis, which have well documented health benefits.
* Our honey has absolutely no additives (many commercial packers add water to achieve the legal limit of 18% moisture).

All I know it is delicious and I have a  half gallon!


Show is over. I should be unpacking the stuff in the garage to put away. But instead I had ice cream and now I am sitting here. Ha!

It was a really great show. I did very well, made a few contacts, have a few orders to check up on. I need to plant some sunflower seeds. I need more sleep. DLJ and Derek survived my being gone all weekend. Derek had the most trouble at nap time, missing Momma. It was hard on me, too, missing him more and more as each hour went by. But it was a successful show. I think I might treat myself to a new torch! We shall see.

Now, I can start selling on Etsy again, since I don’t need to really hoard inventory anymore. I have a small show at a bistro May 31, but that is about it for the near future in terms of needing a bunch of stuff at a particular location.

Yesterday was Summer Registration Opening Day for the local park and recs dept. I wanted to get Derek in a gym type class that I have heard excellent reviews on, and a swimming class. The phone lines open at 8, and the web at 10. It felt like buying Def Leppard tickets in the 80’s, redial, redial, redial.

I ended up giving up around 8:30 and waiting till 10, hoping there would be some spots left. I managed to snag a spot in the really good class, there were  only 4 left by the time they opened the web at 10. As soon as I got it in my cart, which reserves it, the website went pretty south as everyone clammored on to try to reserve things that way. I imagined all these moms of preschoolers cursing each other and trying to get spots, along with yoga practitioners, weight lifters, and crazy artists.

But, I got him his spot in the class I had hoped for, and then added a late-summer swimming class. The pools get very crowded in the summer, understandably, so it’s nice to have a month of knowing you will have good pool space at class, at the very least.

Last night DLJ started up the grill for the first time. He made wonderful burgers, mixing the meat with garlic and spices before making the patties. It was really tasty, with roasted potato salad and fruit.

Today is mostly a fun day. Popsicles, planting a few seeds, and DLJ just made homemade french toast, so it’s almost time to eat. I think we will take a bike ride today as well, and who knows what else!

My first boro is done and out of the kiln, I need to take some photos and now I am waiting impatiently for my bigger order to arrive. I just got a few small bits to test with, and I have over 2 pounds of the stuff I won over two years ago at Glass Stock. Speaking of, I got into it again this year, yay! 4 days of glass amazingness at the coast. I am so thrilled. It is a great event and you learn SO much. SO SO much. And have fun!


I have no pattern here.
I just put my track lighting together, and took 3 yams off the stove. I am downloading money from paypal for our first milk order (more on that at some point) and making a note of what I need at the store when Derek wakes from his nap.
He broke my heart yesterday. On NPR they were talking about riots in Thailand and the tear gas bombing, and you could hear the people yelling in anger, commotion…and Derek started clapping and saying “yaaaaay” because he thought the people were cheering and happy.

To think that there is no hatred, deep anger, violence in the world. It will break me, to a degree, when he learns otherwise.

Demo, demo (i.e., watch Luny play with fire in person.)

I am on the demo schedule at the Glass Gallery this year.

Friday, April 24 at 12:30, and Saturday, April 25 at 3:30. I will be playing with glass at the torch. They always have seats, and I always have a spare pair of special glasses so you can see what I am doing without the glare of the flame.

The show is free at the Convention Center in Portland. Come see lots of work by all sorts of artisans, and in the Oregon Glass Guild section, watch me play with fire! I will make some beads, maybe a frog, hollow beads…who knows!

I’m going to write more. Now that I can write at ye olde lunesse.com again easily, and have it go to LJ, I should do more than little updates. I used to write so much stuff…

Speaking of that, the server that lunesse.com originally lived on, saturn5, went dark last week after 10+ years of free hosting. I moved lunesse.com itself from that site some time ago, once DLJ and I were together and could get unlimited domains hosted where we park our sites.

All the old stuff was still at saturn5, though, and it was a handy reference. Of course, I have downloaded all my stuff from those old days when I wrote a hell of a lot more stuff, and more interesting stuff than I do know. I used to be so unguarded…why has that changed? I mean, I still write, and at Livejournal my journal is friends only so I know who is reading. It changed before Derek was around. And after DLJ was in my life, but I don’t think that is the reason.

I appreciate privacy more than I used to when I had a webcam trained on me 24-7. Some of it might actually be knowing, and watching Thomas. Every now and then there’s a fan who goes a little south, a little too much entitlement. I was so new at the role of watching over him, as opposed to being with him, when we were on tour, that I didn’t know yet how to watch correctly, in terms of how much, how many, when, when it came to fans and reading his headspace. Towards the end he would tell me when he wanted to be alone when we saw stragglers hanging out by the bus, or on the sidewalk, and I got better along the way of asking him, but watching him need space, made me yearn to need space myself. Of course, no one wants in my space like they do Thomas’, but somehow, protecting and nurturing my space became more important after life on the road, and how crowded we all were together.

And of course, now, with a toddler who actually gets MAD when I sit on the potty, and tries to push me off it, privacy is pretty scarce.

But a blog is no place for privacy. Why have one? :p I mean, unless you really ARE writing for yourself.

Ok, was that enough meta?

I am glad the birds are back in town, Spring is really here. Though I wonder if they wake Derek in the early morning. I doubt it, he can nap through lawnmowers next door. This afternoon I don’t know what we are doing, maybe seeing a friend, I have some sunflower seeds to plant, maybe he and I can do that. I am looking forward to the weekend. I would like the warm weather to come back. Spring is here, but she’s a tease!
Here’s Derek in the bicycle trailer from last weekend with his new helmet.


Internet Fail, Wierd Stuff at Class

*edited, missing material*

I suppose its dumb of me to even mention it. You know, actually, I hate when other people mention things like this in blogs. It can be, or appears, so passive agressive.  And everyone wonders “Does she mean me?” Never mind.
Derek had a gym class today. He has been not really participating as well as I would hope, but he has been getting up early lately. Really early. Enough that by the time it’s time for the class, he is tired. He has a good time once he gets going but he starts out just wanting to nurse on the bench in the gym and not do any of the music stuff. It’s been two weeks; maybe next week will be better. He really likes the trampoline and the parachute and the wedge mats to climb…yet won’t go over there until he’s had a good nurse. I don’t get it. It’s not like him at all.
Dinner tonight is fish tacos. I made some more butter this morning. And I admit, I just made a small batch of cookie dough to eat…as cookie dough. It’s one of those days.

Sun again!

I am making steel cut oats. Today we will strap on D’s helmet and try him in the bike trailer for the first time, have a playdate with a neighbor who stopped us on our evening walk to see if we wanted to get our boys together today, and… who knows! I need a little studio time, and there is a lot of gardening, as always.