Internet Fail, Wierd Stuff at Class

*edited, missing material*

I suppose its dumb of me to even mention it. You know, actually, I hate when other people mention things like this in blogs. It can be, or appears, so passive agressive.  And everyone wonders “Does she mean me?” Never mind.
Derek had a gym class today. He has been not really participating as well as I would hope, but he has been getting up early lately. Really early. Enough that by the time it’s time for the class, he is tired. He has a good time once he gets going but he starts out just wanting to nurse on the bench in the gym and not do any of the music stuff. It’s been two weeks; maybe next week will be better. He really likes the trampoline and the parachute and the wedge mats to climb…yet won’t go over there until he’s had a good nurse. I don’t get it. It’s not like him at all.
Dinner tonight is fish tacos. I made some more butter this morning. And I admit, I just made a small batch of cookie dough to eat…as cookie dough. It’s one of those days.

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