Bullet list of stuff:

-More Straws!

Locals, I have a show tomorrow:

Over The Bridge Arts and Crafts Show
Capitol Coffee House and Bistro
6446 SW Capitol Bistro
Portland, OR 97201

Art Fair
Sunday May, 31st 4:00-8:00

I will have my jewelry and many straws, and the new carrying cases!

-Derek stayed with a sitter today while DLJ and I saw Star Trek. A REAL movie in a REAL theatre! He did great while we were gone and cried and repeated the sitter’s name after she left!

-He sits on the big potty now on one of those potty seats that fits over the normal one and thinks it is great. He’s growing up so fast. So many new words and short phrases.

-I’m hot and want a quick shower, the reading. Final prep for the show tomorrow, tomorrow.

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