Forgot to mention…in this journal, anyway ( I posted a photo in my members-only livejournal), last Monday I finally hung out with Pete, the Naked Eyes artist. I hadn’t seen him since the Naked Eyes/Thomas show in 2006. We had a really nice dinner and then took my guitar up to his room and he played some songs. It would have been a totally fun evening had the valet not slowly reversed my car into a pillar in the garage, and I laid on the garage floor for almost 2 hours waiting to see if AAA could tow it, or not. It’s at the shop now. It’s my Mom’s Mercedes, with about 3k damage, they say. Joy. We have a rental car. The hotel is paying, but sheesh. It’s only a thing, and money, money that isn’t my problem, but the valet must have felt really bad. But not bad enough to say anything about me laying on the floor of the parking garage at 1 AM, shivering, with my purse for a pillow. Feh.

It was worth it to see Pete again!


Party over. It was a very good time and everyone had fun. We have a lot of stuff leftover. Oof, people brought such interesting items!

Derek just had a strange cry jag upstairs, and now it is over. Way past bedtime. I think he is just tired, it’s rare for him to do that.
We are pretty sure he has now been in a dry diaper for 24 hours. Go, Derek! Yer not even 2!


Today I am going to Northstar Glass to pick up some Amber Purple and Star White. I have not been there before. They are only 4.5 miles from my driveway, and even though I am quite small potatoes, just starting in boro glass a little, little, (sorry Bullseye, you are still my first and biggest glass love!), they offered to show me around where they make the good stuff, a little tour.

I LOVE local companies and I am so fortunate to have Bullseye and Northstar right here. I am supposed to meet up with a glassmaker named Brent this weekend, somehow, as well. He actually will be at Northstar this afternoon, but I have the D-man at that point, and a hot shop is no place for a little dude like that. Plus, we have a small party to go to this afternoon.

But I hope to see Brent tomorrow. DLJ’s schedule is a little screwy, he is working tomorrow morning, and late tonight, but maybe B and D and I can go out for breakfast at least. I do want to see him while he is in town.

I made a bunch of beads yesterday, so I can start working on some jewelry for the Art in the Round. There are so many good shows this summer, alas, with Derek, my time and ability is limited. But that is alright. I do the ones I can, and there will be plenty of time for more once Derek is a little older. The world can wait for me. =)

Art in the Round

I am doing at least one of the 3 Art in the Round shows in Beaverton, OR this year. They only have 8 or 10 vendors at each one.  They have live music and it is by a fountain and a really nice evening out in a very intimate atmosphere. I was hoping to get one later in the summer, more time to prepare. Of course, they want me at the first one, the last Tuesday in June. Yipe. I have a lot to do. I am almost out of earrings. I need to make a lot of earrings and a few more elaborate necklaces. I have plenty of bracelets, those things just don’t sell much. But I definitely need to make more earrings. I am really happy and excited to do the event. I love community events and this one is in such a nice location, with good restaurants, and the Mayor is even doing a walking tour from the library to the event with anyone who wants to join him! Yay for the Beaverton Arts Commission!

And more straws. I got some colored glass today. Soon I will have amber and lavender glass straws. Woo.

Derek is growing fast. He is so close to being potty trained. He poops on the potty all the time and if I leave him bare booty naked he pees on the potty most of the time with very few accidents.

He and I had a real water fight yesterday. He was throwing the water at me, and me back at him, and we were both in hysterical laughter. It was so much fun.

I am feeling much better about the only child thing. I was having very, very small doubts, but I know this is right for all 3 of us. We all win. What I have to do is to work hard on giving him plenty of opportunities to make friends, and work to get  him to know the family he has. We don’t have tons of cousins for him, but they exist. Extra effort needs to be made that he knows them, enjoys them, and considers them siblings as best he can. That is what I have with my cousin, who is also an only, and it has worked out great. It’s very important he has at least one person he can share his childhood history with.

What a day

It is raining right now, which cancelled our evening walk after a yummy dinner of noodles and fava beans from the farmer’s market.

But, we had a great day. I had Momma’s morning out, this time I just had a nice coffee and read at a local cafe I enjoy, then went to Powell’s and rummaged through books and magazines for a long time.

After Derek’s nap we went to the wading pool at one of the rec centers, which opened today. Yay! Last year he could barely walk in the water with you holding on to him, and could stand solo for a few seconds, the last time we went there last late summer. Today, he walked all around the pool, fell down in the water twice, tried to do a sort of doggie paddle, I guess, but stood up again with our help and wasn’t  upset. Yay!

No idea what the plan is tomorrow. I have more straws to make. Of course.

Not that I am complaining.

First boro

Well, I got my new torch hooked up, running and messed with my little stash of boro glass that I have. This is my first pendant made with boro. I like it. Of course, I want more ooomph to work with, but thats a lot more $$$ to update my oxygen supply. Someday, but the new torch is a DREAM. After almost 5 years on the torch, I earned the upgrade!

My first work in boro.

My first work in boro.

Good things

Well, the kiln has no cure. But it can go onward as is as long as I can put up with it. When it goes south, it will go south quick, but is totally usable until then, as long as I ignore what temperature it SAYS it is. I think I found the right temp for my glass, so I can keep working with the kiln. It is in perfect condition, save for the control board. The brains. Yuck. But at least it’s not dead. I can use it and keep on keepin’ on.

My straws are selling very well. This is good. Practical item, not like jewelry. Which is also selling pretty well, even in this economy. I can’t complain.

I got a used drill press which will allow me to do a LOT more with metals in my work. Yay.

Today is Copper River Salmon day. Once a year we splurge on the really good stuff, both since it is so good, and also to support wild caught salmon as an industry vs. farmed. We buy wild whenver we can. So dinner tonight will be yummy. When Derek wakes we will walk to the store that has it, and he can have a cookie. Then back home and run around, I guess.

Tomorrow I get stitches out of my thumb. Yay. And I need to finish a large straw order, and take photos of the straw carrying cases, and make dinner, and…and…

it’s good to be busy.

This weekend, since the kiln issue is as resolved as it is going to be, I am going to set up my new torch. Finally. I am looking forward to that!