Forgot to mention…in this journal, anyway ( I posted a photo in my members-only livejournal), last Monday I finally hung out with Pete, the Naked Eyes artist. I hadn’t seen him since the Naked Eyes/Thomas show in 2006. We had a really nice dinner and then took my guitar up to his room and he played some songs. It would have been a totally fun evening had the valet not slowly reversed my car into a pillar in the garage, and I laid on the garage floor for almost 2 hours waiting to see if AAA could tow it, or not. It’s at the shop now. It’s my Mom’s Mercedes, with about 3k damage, they say. Joy. We have a rental car. The hotel is paying, but sheesh. It’s only a thing, and money, money that isn’t my problem, but the valet must have felt really bad. But not bad enough to say anything about me laying on the floor of the parking garage at 1 AM, shivering, with my purse for a pillow. Feh.

It was worth it to see Pete again!

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