Today I am going to Northstar Glass to pick up some Amber Purple and Star White. I have not been there before. They are only 4.5 miles from my driveway, and even though I am quite small potatoes, just starting in boro glass a little, little, (sorry Bullseye, you are still my first and biggest glass love!), they offered to show me around where they make the good stuff, a little tour.

I LOVE local companies and I am so fortunate to have Bullseye and Northstar right here. I am supposed to meet up with a glassmaker named Brent this weekend, somehow, as well. He actually will be at Northstar this afternoon, but I have the D-man at that point, and a hot shop is no place for a little dude like that. Plus, we have a small party to go to this afternoon.

But I hope to see Brent tomorrow. DLJ’s schedule is a little screwy, he is working tomorrow morning, and late tonight, but maybe B and D and I can go out for breakfast at least. I do want to see him while he is in town.

I made a bunch of beads yesterday, so I can start working on some jewelry for the Art in the Round. There are so many good shows this summer, alas, with Derek, my time and ability is limited. But that is alright. I do the ones I can, and there will be plenty of time for more once Derek is a little older. The world can wait for me. =)

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