What a day

It is raining right now, which cancelled our evening walk after a yummy dinner of noodles and fava beans from the farmer’s market.

But, we had a great day. I had Momma’s morning out, this time I just had a nice coffee and read at a local cafe I enjoy, then went to Powell’s and rummaged through books and magazines for a long time.

After Derek’s nap we went to the wading pool at one of the rec centers, which opened today. Yay! Last year he could barely walk in the water with you holding on to him, and could stand solo for a few seconds, the last time we went there last late summer. Today, he walked all around the pool, fell down in the water twice, tried to do a sort of doggie paddle, I guess, but stood up again with our help and wasn’t  upset. Yay!

No idea what the plan is tomorrow. I have more straws to make. Of course.

Not that I am complaining.

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