A pleasant Halloween

Today I went to an Open House at my friend and massage therapist’s new office. It is SO wonderful. I wish it had been where I was going when I was seeing her regularly a couple years ago. Gorgeous, soothing rooms, wonderful waiting area and couches back in the back of the business that are also comfy. I had a cup of cider and we caught up. I really miss going. It’s a luxury item at the moment, and I do miss it. With my lampwork, and sleeping, my arm was really bothering me when I started going to see her. When I got pregnant, I kept going until the very end. But after Derek was here, no time, no time. I could treat myself now and then, and maybe now I can, now that Derek is able to hang out at home with Dada or even our babysitter up the street. As I left, she popped into the little back office room and came out with a gift certificate for me for a free $30 minute massage from her. I am going to add another $30 onto it and hopefully go right after a holiday, Thanksgiving or Xmas.

It was great to see her, and see how well her business is doing. I strongly rec. her to local women for a massage. She and her hands are fabulous.

We had a good afternoon and evening. I spent some time in the studio working on some new ideas.

Derek is saying all sort of crazy things. “What the heck was that?” “Derek’s big mouth!”

We swear he was also saying “My hot buns” today and I KNOW we have never told him he has hot buns. *boggle*

Lots of kids came to the front door and Derek helped hand out candy. He has never had a single piece, so he didn’t even know what he was giving them. Sweetheart. Next year we will go trick or treating with him. Today he wore his giraffe costume which barely fits. Halloween came just in time.


Not enough time around for all I want to do. It is no one’s fault, no one to blame, but with various illnesses, and other distractions and time sucks, I’m behind. I am behind on my glass straws. I haven’t updated that blog in weeks. Months. I just goofed on a big order and unless the buyer is nice about it, I will maybe break even. It was my own fault for not looking over an alchemy bid on etsy well enough, and as a result she’s getting a FABULOUS deal unless she is understanding about my mistake.

I love making my glass straws, I just wish I had more time. There is a due date for items to be in a local museum in a few days, and I have nothing new for it. I WANT to give them something NEW…very recent…but I may not have time. I have some good stuff in stock…but…

And then I want time alone. Time to just be. But if I take time to just be, I am not taking time to create. And I miss creating. It’s cold now down in the studio, so creating takes a little forethought to turn the heater on. I think I need to make a “Cave night.” Something a friend of mine has. Something another friend calls “bro-ing in.” I need a night to bro-in.” Or I will go mad. And I must create on that night, not sit and do nothing. The sitting and doing nothing should be daytime, during a Derek nap. Fridays were supposed to be that day…but it never happens. Hm.

So, while I would like a pony, I would also like:

A whole day to myself.

A disk cutter (saving up for that.)

Coffee that hasn’t gotten cold by the time I get to it.

An extra day every week to just be with DLJ.

One more REALLY warm day.

Drinking chocolate.

A chasing hammer.


I have some neat news, but it’s not completely sorted out yet. Soon.

But hey! I have a bead in a magazine! The Winter 2010 edition of <i>Bead Unique</i> has one of my focals in it. I am doing a holiday show Dec. 6 downtown in Portland, and it will be nice to have a newer magazine to display with my work. Oy. I need to finish my brochures! Another thing on the list that never ends….