A lot of my life is plans right now.

I just finished the yearly really big glass show I do, and it went quite well. Almost as well as last year, within $100 worth in terms of sales. In this still sluggish economy, I’m totally down with doing just as well as the year before.

I think next year, I am ready for my own booth. And the plans for that are already afoot. I’m going to change my work, again, which is always a healthy thing to do, make new things, try new ideas. I’m going to lift my work even higher in terms of overall finished pieces…which will raise prices a bit on some work. But other pieces will stay in a more $40-$80 range, and of course, earrings for even less than that.

So I have a lot of R&D to do…when I have time.

Today someone came out to look at the backyard, as we need a new wall back there to replace the one I helped remove when I was 6 months pregnant, made of railroad ties and full of termites. It will be replaced with stone, and hopefully in the next couple weeks.

Spring is here. While I was gone in AZ the leaves popped and today is a lovely, warm day. I am making soup tonight, Derek is napping and should wake up soon, I want to go out and play in the afternoon sun a little more before I have to come in and cook.

All these plans…some for the next hour, some the next few weeks, some for around this time next year.

It’s fun to make them, even more fun to see them through!