And it is raining, still. I know it usually stops by the time we have our annual party, which is the Saturday on or closest after the summer solstice…but it sure is grey a lot, here, still.

The garden loves it, however, and I am not one to complain about free water for my plants. The asparagus is still producing, the spinach has started…the swiss chard is coming up. I hope I get some of these things before it gets too hot…but I will plant more in the fall.

Next year I have to let at least one plot go fallow, it will be sad having less stuff, hmm, maybe I will cram some more plants somewhere else.

We had a lovely past week, with DLJ off for 6 days. Derek had been in the middle of a little potty backslide. It’s his first one. Since I did EC with him for training, he’s been doing #2 in the potty since around 9 months, and was in underwear by his 2nd bday. I had gotten used to it being pretty easy, but all of the sudden he was just NOT going to the potty to pee. At least it was just pee, thank goodness, but still. But we seem to be back on track. So that was the one thing that made the past 1.5 weeks a little frustrating. But we went to Breitenbush Hot Springs and had a great 3 days completely off the grid, everything there is self contained, water for hydro-electric power, geo-thermal for heat….very relaxing. It was overcast but it never rained when we wanted to be outdoors. We all slept wonderfully, with Derek in his own adult sized bed, even, sleeping from night fall until the gong woke us up for breakfast.

My parents are out wandering around Europe on a riverboat, which sounds fabulous. Myself, I am looking forward to having 2 days to myself soon. I think Derek and DLJ will go to visit DLJ’s Mom without me, leaving me here COMPLETELY ALONE with no one to wake me up before 10 am. I might even go out at NIGHT! LATE!

DLJ and I are seeing Imogen Heap in a week or so in Portland, a proper night out.

But DLJ just called saying there is a power outage at his work, plus one at the Vancouver office, so he probably won’t be here for dinner. Sigh. Not sure if I will go ahead and make the salmon, or hold it until Thursday when we will all be home for dinner.

It is so grey out. I think it’s a day to make some decaf once Derek wakes from his nap. We just got our farm milk delivered this morning. It used to be on Wed. at around 6-7 pm, but it was before 10 am this morning! I like this new schedule!

I haven’t made a bead in a few weeks. I am working on a project and sending a tool back and forth to get it just how I want it…but I need to get in there and make something besides straws. I cleaned the studio out yesterday to spic and span, and now it is begging for some creative usage!