Today was Derek’s first day of camp. It is ocean themed and it is hosted at his preschool where he will be starting in the fall. I was a helper today (it is a co-op school) and I hope it helps Derek transition to the rest of the week of camp. 4-4 hour days is a lot to ask of him all at once, but I hope he does fine. He had a great day today and really seemed to enjoy himself. He was a little cautious, not shy, just unsure of how things worked on his first day, but he painted a picture and made a drawing and ate a good lunch. Tomorrow I will drop him off and see how it goes.

I am looking forward to time alone, and will get that when preschool starts…but I am sad this phase is ending, our time together everyday…the first years where every day is us all day. Oop. He is awake from nap. =)