Beds and goals

We are slowly getting ready to put Derek in a regular-sized bed. He has been happy in his crib, which has had the side rail off now for months, but he is getting towards the end of his time just plain fitting in it. We haven’t been in a hurry since this bed works fine, and it gives us time to figure out what we want to do next.

A few months ago DLJ took Derek to IKEA and let him play around on the beds there in the kids rooms and stuff, to see how Derek reacted to different ones, twins, full, colors, etc.

The one he liked, and after a trip there yesterday (more on that later) he still liked one that is a sort of bunk bed for one. It can be high up as a bunk or lower, but DLJ doesn’t like that when it is lower you have wasted space underneath that could be storage or drawers instead. DLJ is always very keen on best space usage, it’s his thing. I don’t know if we would even make it ever be on the lower setting, so the point is a little moot.

However, it is IKEA. I would rather have something that will last for years, look good for years. Beds are pretty important pieces of furniture, in terms of health, comfort, and as he gets older, space to relax and dream and sleep and curl up when sick…we have a lot of IKEA in our home but I am not sure I want more in his room, or for his bed.

Also, at least two of his friends, it appears, will end up with the same bed. And I was never a trend-follower. ;) I will leave it there for now as a mystery for a little bit. Have to keep you readers around. Yeah, kid beds. What an epic topic for mystery.

DLJ and Derek went to IKEA and did a lot of other things while I had 11, yes, 11 hours to myself on Sunday. I hung out with a friend and most of it was fun (vs. work, not vs. not fun) with a little work thrown in. He is a musician and wants help with his band and touring, something I have experience with, enough that I could help, potentially. So we hashed that out a little, and I’m still interested. But I have a lot to do around here.

Here is a list of stuff in no particular order of things I really need to get taken care of. I need to make a goal list and just get through these:

Move the berry vines.
Transplant the hydrangea (this will be in Nov-ish).
Finish updating the preschool website
Paint the kitchen
Make owl cookies
Get rid of stuff in dining room
Research bed project
plant fall bulbs
finish knitting fingerless gloves
other knitting project needs to be started
keep working on other client website

that’s it for now, Derek is up from his fake-nap. ;)

Random things

No particular order or importance.

1. 2 things I learned since having a kid: Sun butter sandwiches are just delicious! (Sun butter is like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds.)
Also, life is too short to eat anything other than whole milk yogurt (in moderation). What a simple luxury.

2. I Wish my house was all decorated like my massage-therapists business location. So soothing. Not really practical in all rooms, but maybe in some. I dunno.

3. Fall is coming. We have so few fall decorations, but I had better get them out.

That’s it. Super short. But something. Have anything to add to my numbered list? =)


I feel like I should be doing something.
I just had a 1.5+ hour interview on my glass work for a paper, and I suppose I should go do the shopping, I have a few grocery items to get. I updated some web stuff, did some Dolby work….there has to be something…something…..

Ooo. Pack up straws. I will do that, THEN go get the few groceries before getting Derek from preschool.

I just feel like something is hiding out of reach that I need to do and have forgotten.