Nobel Prizes.

A winner of the the Nobel prize this year, Liu Xiaobo, is currently serving in prison in China. His wife has told him he has won, but now she is basically under house arrest in her home. The news has been completely blacked out in the Chinese media.

Liu was sentenced in 2009 to 11 years in prison for inciting subversion of state power.
He is the co-author of Charter 08, a call for political reform and human rights, and was an adviser to the student protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989.
His wife called the Nobel Prize “an affirmation of what he has fought for.”

She has a twitter account. I cannot read it, but I am following her anyway, let the Chinese see that I am aware, that I KNOW, that I am following what she writes. Someday, all of China will know. They can’t keep them under wraps forever. There are some things about globalization I do not favor, but the freeing of information, and ideas, is definitely one thing I fully support.
Her twitter is: