Emptying out.

I sold the glider chair today. The one I sat in with Derek the first days of his life in the world,all the way up until the day before we put his big boy bed that we built by hand into his room. That was Memorial Day weekend.
It went to a guy for his fiance, they are expecting a little girl. I sent him the links for the Miracle Blanket and Happiest Baby on the Block and wished him well.


I got the glider used myself, so I ended up breaking even on it.

How they grow. But Derek’s room looks nice, with lots more room with that big chair gone. Still. So many evenings, mornings, late nights…..listening to the guy deliver newspapers at 3:30 AM, when I was up night after night when he was….watching the seasons change from that chair….

Derek in the chair with Gram, just a few days old. Can’t see the chair but… whatever. =)

time. it passes. pay attention.

2 thoughts on “Emptying out.

  1. Not 20 minutes ago my mother and I were talking about time flying and appreciating the moments, so fleeting. I spoke of how extremely careful I was to step back while I was pregnant, knowing this would be the only one, and really bask in everything about it, good and bad. How I continued to do it through Jamie’s infancy, toddlerhood, even during the period pre-ADHD/ODD diagnosis when everything was wrong and didn’t seem like it’d ever be right again. I grab all those moments. I cherish them. They fly by in an instant.

    Then, we have tonight. (For the reading audience, please note that the subject in question will be six years old in September.)

    “Mommy! I need you to BE with me!!!”

    “Jamie, I am NOT going to hang around IN the bathroom while you POOP!”

    “Can you wait outside the door?”


    I’m sorry, but I cannot honestly say I will cherish this particular moment. ;-)

    The picture of Derek and his Gram is beyond perfect. The love is absolutely palpable, and your gift for photography shines. What an angel. :-)

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