It was Fucking GOOD. And they DIDN’T play “Save a Prayer,” which made my night. Love them, but I am very tired of that one at

My seat, as one can see, was…well, you can’t get better than front row center as a Duranie like me. I got two Simon smiles directed at me, one for being so freaking HAPPY and smiling, and one with a finger pointing at me for flashing little devil horns during “Notorious” on the “flaky bandit” line, which is a lyric poking at Andy Taylor.

A little short, but fabulous. I am so glad Simon is singing again and I hope he takes care of his voice to last all tour, and for many more tours in the future. The opener, Neon Trees, were fun, too! May the tour be wonderful, boys!

Simon Lebon, Sept. 24th, 2011 @ Theatre of the Clouds

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