Is there Anybody out there…..

Just nod if you can hear me….


I may start writing again. A lot of change since the last time I wrote. I’m a single Mom now.  It is what it is.  It’s part of why I stopped writing anything of substance, for a couple years before the last time I wrote here, actually. But it is reality, the good and the bad. From what Don and I can tell, Derek is doing fine. We have pizza and family movie night every Sunday. A family vacation every year. Derek is winning. We are doing it right. The rest of life is a joy and an adventure, and I am happy with where I am, as a result.

But I am not going to go any more backwards. Only forwards. I think things are the best they can be. And that means I’m doing my best for myself, for Derek, for the family we are, even if it doesn’t look like what some say “normal” is. And hopefully it will always get better. It is the best it possibly can be, of what it is. I am making what is wonderful. And it is indeed, wonderful.


I don’t know what this will look like, if I write here. I may just not do it. Or be very selective. Some posts public, some private.