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Lunesse is the online presence of me, a name I have taken and used on the Net since 1991. What’s the real me? Try hard enough, and you can find out. Until then, here are some various facts about me, in a lovely list format.


* I was born in Washington, D.C.
* 20+ years of living in the Garden State after age four, however, grants me the right to call myself a Jersey Girl. (And proud!)
* My mother had several miscarriages and one other birth, but my brother lasted only for several days. I am an only child, but I often think of my brothers and sisters I have never met.
* I cried through many of my days in first grade.
* I was a Girl Scout. Dorky, but one of my favorite memories of childhood is the of the annual Father/Daughter Girl Scout Square Dances, one of the rare times I did stuff with just my Dad.


* I used to play the glockenspiel, the drums, piano and flute.
* I carried that glockenspiel a mile each way to and from school (really, it was a mile, but only uphill one way. I’m being honest here.)
* I was a star jock in high school. Varsity basketball, soccer and softball. I won a few awards.
* College was the best time of my life in many ways. I am still passionately tied to my college, the land itself, located in New London, CT, feels like home more than anywhere else I have ever been.
* College is also where I fell in love for the first time.


* My first job out of college was at Peet’s Coffee in San Francisco.
* I got my first web design job because the stock market tanked, and a discussion about media contacts turned into a job interview as a result. Long story, just accept it this way for now.
* I’ve worked on many large sites, including: nike.com, starbucks.com, us.playstation.com, homedepot.com, riven.com, wamumortgage.com, and levis.com.
* I’ve managed to only get laid off once, but it really, really hurt when it happened.
* I manage Thomas Dolby’s website, but only have a short amount of billable time each month to make improvements. This I find frustrating, but I love looking after his site. I also worked as his tour manager in 2006, which was probably the hardest job I have had (save for motherhood.)


* Writing. It is play and life, love and work. My quality of live would plummet if I didn’t write obsessively.
* I used to be a bellydancer in the American Tribal Style. I still love the music.
* I am an artist using glass as an art medium.
* I am an avid cook. I worked in a restaurant for a year, for free, just for the hell of it to see what it was like.

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