Alone, but not.

I went outside today and did some weeding. I mowed. I drank tea and read a book.

I’m alone. But not entirely. I am the last pregnant woman I know well, though. My friend Patagonia went into labor today. Her estimated date was two days after mine. I know that soon we will be walking and carrying kids around together, but now I am left to waddle and swim alone during the day. It feels lonely. Having someone to go through pregnancy with was really neat. Even though we didn’t talk about babies ALL the time, being pregnant ALL the time, which was something I found tiresome at gatherings of other pregnant women, it was nice to just have someone there with you going through what you were. Everyone in my birthing classes are done, I had the latest date. So now it’s just me and the kidlet, and I’m hanging out waiting for him to decide it’s time.

And for some reason, it’s lonely.

Or it’s just those hormones. Either way, I am ready to have my body back, and meet this little dude. Meanwhile, I will continue to take walks with DLJ, swim with DLJ on weekends, and try to do things around the house/yard as best I can. I feel pretty good that I am still out there weeding and mowing at 39+ weeks, ish. My date is a little fuzzy.

But it does feel like I am the last one standing.


With my crazy pregnant mood swings, there’s a few thing that consistently have made me happy the past couple weeks:

DLJ (he is being a really great guy thru all this, supporting, calling me a “hot mama” and just being really understanding.

Rain. I love it right now. Maybe it is because it normally doesn’t rain this time of year…but right now there is a slow drizzle and every day it does this I just sit and watch.

Swimming. It makes me feel so good afterwards. The lack of gravity is great, the exercise is nice, and I just feel uplifted each time.

Less than a month to go.

Preggo Brain.

If the calendar says the massage appt. is at 1:30, don’t go at 11:30 and sit around waiting.

I got to read up on my magazines for a about 15 min till I realized my mistake…I will go back in an hour to get my massage at the correct time.

Tomorrow I am meeting up with a Mom’s group, but I need to call to get the address for the event I am going to. Really should do that right after this post so I know it gets done!

Tonight is birthing class night #4. I expect to be more informed, more anticipating, and more hit with the gravity of this huge event afterwards, like I am every week.

I have a bunch of beads to send out today. Tomorrow is packing for camping, buying the perishable ingredients, and making some beads that have been ordered. I don’t think I will get to them today. Camping! Our last trip, I think, other than maybe going to the coast, which we meant to do again before my parents arrived, but we probably won’t. Still, when the heat of summer arrives, if any of it coincides with a weekend and it’s not right around due date, a weekend at the ocean will be very nice, we are fortunate to have it to escape to.
I’ve been doing my pelvic stretches to help the little guy get into position, but it’s really hard to NOT sit in the way you aren’t supposed to in these weeks. No bucket seats, which means riding in cars is not a good thing. I do sit on the exercise ball downstairs when hanging out with DLJ, and my desk chair is set so my knees are lower than my hips…but there’s nothing much I can do about the car seats. I will just try to consolidate my errands even more than I already do.

Today is Ankimo’s 11th birthday. She’s a strange cat who doesn’t like meat, canned cat food, or treats, so there isn’t much I can do on her special day other than give her lots of love…so that is what I am doing. Pets are like infants…they don’t need tons of stuff…just love and attention. =)
After the massage I will pre-make dinner for after class, and make the fruit salad to bring with me as our snack during class. I will do my pain management practice and take a quick walk, hopefully…but all of that is a lot to cram in about 2 hours. Before I leave I should get those beads in the mail, so I must sign off for now.

Sunny with French Toast, chance of gardening.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I hope it stays that way into a beautiful Sunday day. Yesterday when DLJ was out he got cinnamon bread at the Beaverton Bakery, that means it’s a French Toast day today. He is the chef in this house when it comes to pancakes and french toast.

We went to a nursery on Friday and got some good plant starts, and I picked up some seeds while doing my volunteer hours at the Recycled Gardens, so today we should be getting some things in the ground and hoping they take. I’d also like to take a slow walk. Both of us are getting over being a little sick, so it’s more of a stroll than a true walk for exercise.

Last night I had dreams about setting up a show and having a garage sale at the same time…. my show in May is just around the corner, so I need to get cracking on this stuff, clearly. I am not sure what the garage sale part of the dream represents.

I got a press used while at Tucson, so for a very good price.

Ruby Rock

It comes in three sizes, this was the middle one, but I can’t remember the millimeters across right now.

I’m also messing with electroforming now, which is applying metals directly to the bead. It’s not exactly bronzing baby shoes, but it’s a vaguely similar idea:

Busy as a glass bee.

My belly is about halfway cooked now, in terms of the little boy (yep, boy) inside. It’s kinda big, and it kinda scares me to think it’s only halfway done!

Righty tighty.

I’ve been having issues with my right arm. From discussions with others, it sounds like Tennis Elbow, sort of. But its also up in my forearm. I thought it was lampworking, now I am not so sure. When I sleep, I curl up, all the way to my hands. My wrists bend in and I curl my hands towards my arms. My massage therapist told me to try to open up, but it is VERY hard. I have a body pillow I do not sleep with, DLJ and I share a queen bed and with three cats….well, it’s already crowded. But I might try tonight if I can make it work, something to distract my hands from curling inwards. It hurts all the time to extend my arm out straight…not good. Opening jars is hard.

Yet I press on, because I must.

Golden Wheat

I leave Thursday for Boulder. Some of the airlines I am on have a place to donate money to offset ecological impacts of flying, but not all my flights do that. Is there a general place to do this for all flights? A way to give money to offset all this flying?

I feel hesitant about all the gas used in the tour bus as well, this December…but it will carry a bunch of us around at least….it sleeps 12.