I just took a shower with Derek AND DLJ. We were all in the garden today, a lot, and we all were dirty!

We got a yard of blended compost/soil/manure to top off our veggie beds and replenish our soil storage tanks for the growing season. Half of it is already in the backyard in the beds, and in one of the large storage containers. Then we got a yard of gravel, and all of it was shoveled out in two trips onto the driveway and now some of it is in the backyard on the beginning of the de-lawning of the veggie garden area. There’s a long way to go and a lot of plant blocker fabric and gravel to spread around, but the beds are ready, I turned them yesterday and today added the new soil and turned it all again to mix it all up.

Tomorrow I will plant, and while I was hoping to have an easy day on Sunday, I should probably do more gravel work, as it is too loud to do when Derek sleeps and not something I can really do well when he is with me in the garden, with all the trips to the driveway with the wheelbarrow.

Dinner is pasta with sauce, veggie and wine. Yum. I hope we all sleep well tonight after so much work!

Space Pod

It’s Friday. This weekend is gardening, maybe swimming, DLJ has a cold and so far I have been lucky, so has Derek. We are still healthy.

I hope to get some studio time, as there is not much time left for me before the show in April, since I get only a couple days a week to be in the studio. Derek is napping, and then we are going to a local coffee house to see our old realtor, she owes me a little money for some web work in the hazy past. Plus, it is just good to see her, and she hasn’t seen Derek in over a year.

Then, of course, BSG tonight. It’s the only show I watch regularly at all, so I guess I will be back to nothin’ for shows after this.

Here’s Space Pod, a big focal.


Back in the Bay Area

DLJ is here for Macworld, Derek and I came along for the ride. We took two days to drive from Portland, stopping overnight in Ashland, OR. Derek did really well for his first real road trip. Much better than I expected. He was a happy guy almost the whole time, and never really had a true crying jag about being stuck in the car so long. We took lots of breaks and let him run around a lot in rest areas.

It is always good to be back here, though I never get to see as many people or do as much as I would like. This will be especially true with Derek with me…still, I can go see parts of the city through his eyes, perhaps.

Anywhere near the BART line, at least! We have the car, too, we could go out to the avenues or the beach.

I doubt anyone local to SF still reads this, but we are here this week if you want to say hi, have the day off or want to meet up for lunch. I know I am meeting up with Halsted, and Mystarion and Ivy, and stopping by my old culinary stomping ground, the restaurant I worked at for a year for free (Palio).

Anyone have any SF kid tips? I never had to know this stuff while here. Derek is 16 months now, so still a little guy.

Sunny days not here to stay

Today is gorgeous. Just a perfect fall day.

I did some studio work and DLJ is painting our bathroom, it is almost done, finally! We were to go out with friends to pumpkin boat races, but Derek is still sleeping, and the races end in less than an hour, so I don’t think we will make it.

He has been pretty miserable with teething (we think!) the past week. He has been a great sleeper but is having problems recently, I hope that is why and when they push through, he goes back to sleeping better.

I made carmel apples this week.

It is too dang nice to be here at this monitor, so I am fleeing it for now!

Yet another blog

For those of you who enjoy reading about my glass, I do have a glass-centric blog. I talk there a lot more about my process, shows, sales, techniques, and just that part of my life, my glass art biz and my love of the medium.

Art After the 9 to 5

In case you are interested. =)

Thursday is Derek’s first birthday! We are having a very small party that day, just my parents and us. Then a slightly larger one on Saturday, but still very small. We want simple.

DLJ’s parents can’t make it this week but will be here in September to see the little guy.

I took him to his Infant See eye appointment today. It went well, he had a good time, especially when he found the pedals that raise the eye exam chair up and down and kept making it go up and down, over and over. He is such a button/lever/switch freak!

glass whore

You will note a link to my etsy shop on the main page of my blog now. Not much there at the moment, but I am hoping that will change. I am changing juiceglass a lot right now, how I sell, where, what…a lot of it is behind the scenes at the moment, but for now, anything I sell pretty much will be in etsy, it’s easier to just stick to one thing for now as the hammer and nails fly in the background.

Feel free to buy if you see anything you like as the days/weeks/months go by! Support handmade art! And I mean HAND MADE. I sometimes have issue with  “beading” as “handmade” but that is another post entirely that will probably piss people off. I just think handmade should be mostly truly handmade, all the pieces, not bought and strung. But there is no real name for “buying beads and clasps and chain and findings and stringing it and its done by human hands, not mass produced” so handmade is the word for now for all of it, I suppose.

This weekend we are putting a ceiling in in the glass studio. I have a roof, but no ceiling. This is very cold-making in the winter, so I am hoping a ceiling will help. Dad is coming out with Mom for the “fun” event. And DLJ and I will probably get a lovely dinner out on Saturday while the grandparents spend time with their darling grandson. ;)

I should be in the studio right now, but my babysitter hurt her ankle and is on crutches. I love having her, even if I didn’t have work to do I would love the time to myself twice a week. But I do have work to do, and I do have some to do right now, even if not in the studio itself. I will try to torch tonight after Derek goes to sleep, but after that I have to start clearing the place out for the ceiling construction. Nothing like forced cleaning, but man, the place NEEDS it. With so little studio time, I work, I don’t clean. ;)


I had a wonderful birthday today. Lots of fun with Derek, and friends from California, and DLJ. I am tired after a late dinner of burgers on the grill. Time to shower and get ready for a fun weekend with Mystarion and Ivy!

It’s been awhile….

Spring is here.

Derek is 7 months plus and just about ready to crawl. He is army crawling and getting all of his legs up in the air while trying to move forward on his hands and toes.

We went on a two hour walk today to enjoy the warmer weather. He had a good time, I think, we went with 3 other Moms. Tomorrow is play date day. We went swimming today too, so it was quite busy!

I have a glass show at the end of the month at the Convention Center, so I am in the home stretch for that. Of course, I have so little studio time these days, but I should have enough inventory.

DLJ is watching the kung fu channel. It makes me want sake…bad. We have some but it’s late. =)

Post Turkey

The sun is low in the sky, due to the time of day and time of year.

DLJ is out back raking leaves, we are just in from a walk around the neighborhood. Some folks have their lights up already, so tonight starts the holiday fun. I am looking forward to a nighttime walk soon with my family so little Derek can see them, even though he won’t get what he is looking at yet. He can see pretty far now, and colors are kicking in, so I think he might be fascinated.

I had a coffee and DLJ got me a giant yellow smiley faced mug full of flowers. “I wanted to get you something to let you know you are doing a great job as Mom. You don’t get reviews or raises or even get paid, so…”

AWWWWWW. *melt*

Derek is snoozing in the stroller after our walk, and when DLJ is done with leaves I will go get some more flour from the store, as I used it up today making banana muffins. It’s chilly out but at night my family is warm and safe in bed, all of us in the same room.

I don’t need much else. Life is good.