Alone, but not.

I went outside today and did some weeding. I mowed. I drank tea and read a book.

I’m alone. But not entirely. I am the last pregnant woman I know well, though. My friend Patagonia went into labor today. Her estimated date was two days after mine. I know that soon we will be walking and carrying kids around together, but now I am left to waddle and swim alone during the day. It feels lonely. Having someone to go through pregnancy with was really neat. Even though we didn’t talk about babies ALL the time, being pregnant ALL the time, which was something I found tiresome at gatherings of other pregnant women, it was nice to just have someone there with you going through what you were. Everyone in my birthing classes are done, I had the latest date. So now it’s just me and the kidlet, and I’m hanging out waiting for him to decide it’s time.

And for some reason, it’s lonely.

Or it’s just those hormones. Either way, I am ready to have my body back, and meet this little dude. Meanwhile, I will continue to take walks with DLJ, swim with DLJ on weekends, and try to do things around the house/yard as best I can. I feel pretty good that I am still out there weeding and mowing at 39+ weeks, ish. My date is a little fuzzy.

But it does feel like I am the last one standing.

Done by the heat of the day.

It’s supposed to get very warm today, and I have done all my “hot” tasks already, before 1 pm!

I made a bunch of strawberry jam today, using the pressure canner, from a flat of berries I bought at a farm a few miles away.  There are still plenty of berries left for ice cream, for DLJ’s smoothies, and snacking, and some to freeze for later in the year. The jars of jam are cooling now on the counter. I also put lasagna in the oven about 10 minutes ago, for dinner tonight and later in the week. The day gets warmest around here in the afternoon, so I am glad to have these things done before it starts really heating up. All that is left today is two short errands, and some writing. I will tackle the errands when the lasagna comes out, writing can be done after that.

Time is ticking down to the baby arriving! I am learning a lot from some books and friends, and am feeling confident…but also very aware I know so little. When this little guy starts getting smart, it’s going to be a lot of work, parenting, but I can also see how it can be very fulfilling to meet the challenges of not being manipulated and also helping the little guy have good confidence and self esteem. It’s going to be a bunch of trial and error, that is for sure!

Time to go lay down and take a break with a book, until the lasagna is done cooking. I am just so glad I got all the hot work done early today!

Another long day by myself…

DLJ is making another day-long trip to Bend, so he won’t be in chat to say hi a lot throughout the day.

Last night was our last birth class, and it was really fun, we had a potluck, and the guys surprised the girls with a foot massage in water. DLJ brought lots of rose petals from our garden and shared them with the guys so all of us pregnant moms-to-be could have rose scented water.

Our teacher is going to try to put together a get together for all of us at the end of summer so we can all see each other again after the babies are here. I hope that happens, you get to know the classmates and want to see how it all turned out for each of them!

I have a lot of beads to send out today, and then I sort of feel like running some errands in Portland proper, but I am not sure yet.

DLJ will be home too late for dinner, so I don’t have to cook tonight other than for myself. Something simple out of the freezer, as I have been spending the week emptying it of old leftovers to make room for frozen meals once the baby comes. One thing we learned last night was a way to make a food wheel to have friends help us with frozen meals. Between that and my mother, who plans to cook extra amounts of things when they arrive at the coast next week, we should have a good amount of easy to heat up food for those first weeks.

So….it’s 8 am. I could get some more sleep, but I think I will save that for a nap later. I guess I will do those errands today and get them out of the way, do some cleaning and get the beads in the mail. Not sure if I will torch today, if not, then definitely tomorrow.

I like my empty space…it’s strange to think it will be gone soon. But I know what fills it will be a wonderful thing indeed…but it’s still strange to think about.

Tact in hot weather.

It’s gonna be a  hot one today. I’d like to just do the grocery shopping in my men’s cotton pj bottoms and tank top…but the rest of the world should  not be subjected to my pregnant form in that manner. =)

Still, I might go sooner than usual to get it done with before the heat comes in, so I can retreat back to the cool house. =)

Late start.

The phone rang really early this morning, and we didn’t get back to sleep until after DLJ’s alarm went off. So we slept after that.:P

He’s eating breakfast and it is nice to have him around a little later than usual. By the time the garbage truck comes around, he is usually gone.

Another busy day. I have got to get inventory listed today for my show next weekend at the Portland Convention Center, the Glass Guild Exhibition. This will probably be my last show for some time, at least until maybe next spring or summer (she said optimistically). I will still be making glass when I can once the baby arrives and things get vaguely in a routine…but the first year will definitely be a slowdown and more reliant on regular customers and online sales vs. shows. I do have some beads going without me to a large show in Vegas, so that will be some nice exposure even without my being there.

So far we are keeping up with the garden, but the rain hasn’t stopped yet, that is when it gets more difficult. Our hydrangeas are just not placed correctly (thank you, previous owners) and they burn most summers at some point. I  have been moving the rest of our soil into a holding area on the front yard until we get the yard removed. I also might work on getting part of the drip system in place, so that we can get it working without the timer, at least, by the time the rains stop for the summer.

Last night we had pork spareribs finished off on the grill, I had put them in a dry rub and roasted them for 1.5 hours before DLJ got home. It was our first time doing ribs, and I think they came out really well! It wasn’t Reo’s Ribs, for sure (a good rib place nearby), but it was pretty close and a lot less $$$. =)

This weekend we are going to Tacoma to a wedding reception of one of my oldest friends, from back in the Jersey Days. Old time readers might recognize the name Horticultural Guy. Peter. He got married on a Disney cruise in the past month and is having the party now for those of us who didn’t go on the cruise with him and his lovely wife. We are staying in a B&B the one night we are up there, so that should be a little treat. Any recs. on things to do in Tacoma on a Sunday morning/early afternoon, before we go back down to Portland?

Friday, \/\/00t!

I just cleaned the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, started to refill it, scrubbed the counters down and fed Anais. If I have time later today I will mop the floor in there.

Hopefully I will also sort the recycling and clean off the dining room table.

My roof now is covered in plywood and tar paper. Yesterday the old tile roof and the cedar shake below came down, Monday the new shingles will go up. The guys are supposed to come today to plop in a solatube in the guest bathroom, but they aren’t here yet.

I have a midwife n’ ultrasound appt. around 1 pm. I hope that all goes well and the news is good. This is, hopefully, my last ultrasound that I have.

It’s a cloudy but nice day today, so I will pack up some orders and hopefully also have time to get back in the studio this afternoon after the appointments. I also need to go to the store after the appointments and gather the goodies to make pad thai to take to a friend’s for dinner. I  have never made it myself, but I found a pretty good authentic recipe online that got good reviews, so I will give it a try. I am also going to try to get sticky rice from Uwajimaya to try once again to make coconut rice over the weekend, the chewy stuff you get as desert in Thai restaurants… I love it but never had the right kind of rice at home.

So it’s yet another busy day. I will also level off the soil in the veggie beds, now that they are full, take a photo of the leftover soil to see if a coworker of DLJ’s wants it, and take a walk, hopefully. That might be too much for one day.

One of my yellow onions has started to sprout. Any idea if it will make more onions if I plant it? I know garlic does not… you gotta get garlic specifically as seed garlic….

Scheduling and gladiolas.

A sunny Sunday is  welcome indeed. It was sunny this morning, then DLJ made homemade waffles and I watched rain pour down. Now it’s sunny again with only a few puffy white clouds. I planted  a good 20 gladiolus bulbs, and seeded some containers to start some things indoors. Where to put them indoors, however, is a question. They must get sun….and not tempt the cats. Tricky.

Soon I am going to check if I need to make more pizza dough, and get items for DLJ to have for a nice snack after his hard work installing the second raised vegetable bed.

Things are going to get busy soon, and the ticking clock of the march of time is going to start clamping down. We have a wedding reception up in Tacoma in April, my Mom would like to visit in May, DLJ’s parents also want to come stay a little…I have a jewelry show in May as well.

One priority that I do have, but am unsure how to deal with, is seeing Thomas again before mid-July. It’s going to be difficult after that for several reasons. But with all the scheduling over here, getting the time free before June seems iffy. And before I reach June, I can no longer fly to him due to being deep in the third trimester. I’ve had delightful stays at his house several times, and he’s only been up here once. A few days would be terrific, visiting Hood River, some light waterfall hikes, and just hanging out one more time before I become a full-fledged Mom would really mean a lot to me. I am looking forward to the kid, but let’s face it, for a few years it will be difficult for me to go anywhere alone, and I really value my alone time with my friends. When I was living in CA, Thomas and I would do all sorts of things together, rides on the motorcycle through the hills west of San Mateo, where we’d stop with a bottle of wine and a picnic lunch and talk for a couple hours. Or throwing darts in bars, hanging out at the Water Temple, just lots of time talking, talking, talking. These days most of our time has been with others, and it’s been work time. Talking business, tasks, etc. We haven’t just hung out since I moved. So we both are trying to sort out a way to do this…but nothing has arisen yet.

Thomas is just one example of this, the most “in my head” one right now. So many things will change soon, and while I know the change is not forever, and I know good things are on the way…I wish I could see him, and other really close friends again like Allison, who lives in Boston, one more time just the two of us. Having a simple tapas dinner with Allison with sangria in Boston last fall was so much fun…when will that happen again? How do I come to terms with the temporary, but long loss of these things? Readers who are already parents, help? =) It’s easier when you are the Dad, and not the 24 milk bar, ya know? I’m going to be attached for a looong time. And I’m independent enough to be realistically curious how this is all going to work.

Off by a day.

It feels like a Friday to me, even though it’s only Thursday. I am not sure why.

It will be time to go down to the studio soon, once World Have Your Say is done on NPR. It’s a good program, but listening to a bunch of people argue isn’t my cuppa while at the torch. I could bring the iPod down with me, I suppose.

It’s partly sunny here today but chilly. Still, I will go for a walk once my studio work is done. I think fro now until 11 I will make a batch of red cabbage slaw to go with dinner.

Some days I get up and after I say goodbye to DLJ I want to go back to bed, but I never do. There is always so much to be done! I don’t even know what our plans are this weekend…more getting the house in order, probably, DLJ has started moving his things down to his office, now that the new flooring is in. The living room will be a living room again. I have a lot of stuff to list on Craigslist. I am not sure when I will have time to deal with that, maybe early next week.

I also have some glass things I want to try out…but I need to get through my orders first! Maybe I will add a little extra time onto the end of today’s session for some play.

March is flying by.

Busy Spring Weekend

DLJ can finally move his office back into…well, the office. The flooring has been put down, after a little touch up paint, all his books, desk items, computer, everything, can come back out of the living room. The storage, shelves, etc., can leave the garage.

I painted our planter box wood over the past few days, a little every day, so that we can have two raised vegetable beds in the backyard. They are drying in the sun right now. That task complete, I am working on further emptying out my office to become the kidlet’s room. I will miss my office, but all I need is a small desk, and there is room for that in the library/guest room. Since the guest bed is a really good couch, it doesn’t feel like a guest room, so it will be a good space for me to use most of the time. And DLJ said I can sit down in his office, of course, but I would do that only temporarily. I think we still work best with our own private corners, so to speak, and this house is big enough we can still have that, even with the kidlet.

Later today we will go to the Japanese garden to enjoy the plum and cherry trees that are in full bloom. Last night we went out to celebrate a birthday with a lot of friends, and had a good time. We left early since DLJ was very tired from a long week of work.

I have some glass orders to fill, hopefully tomorrow and early next week. Maybe after that I can get going on a project I want to try! =) “Work” before pleasure.

I did make a bracelet the other afternoon, with my Horizon beads. It’s very summery, down to the little fish swimming near the water. ;)