It was Fucking GOOD. And they DIDN’T play “Save a Prayer,” which made my night. Love them, but I am very tired of that one at

My seat, as one can see, was…well, you can’t get better than front row center as a Duranie like me. I got two Simon smiles directed at me, one for being so freaking HAPPY and smiling, and one with a finger pointing at me for flashing little devil horns during “Notorious” on the “flaky bandit” line, which is a lyric poking at Andy Taylor.

A little short, but fabulous. I am so glad Simon is singing again and I hope he takes care of his voice to last all tour, and for many more tours in the future. The opener, Neon Trees, were fun, too! May the tour be wonderful, boys!

Simon Lebon, Sept. 24th, 2011 @ Theatre of the Clouds


You ever see the old Duran videos, the shots of the women crying in the audience? I thought for sure that was going to happen to me. It did. Not last night, but finally, about ten minutes ago. I was outside yanking up roots and things listening to "What Happens Tomorrow" and Andy played through his instrumental and when they went into the final round of the chorus, the tears just started. To the best of my knowledge, I have bucked this Duranie trend of Duran-related crying until now. I was pretty loaded at a couple shows, but I'm pretty sure there were no tears amongst the happness and t-shirt stripping (yeah, I've filled THAT cliche, too).

Go fig. Happiness, release, joy, exhaustion, wonder, you got me. Probably all of that. It was the music. And I suppose it was the guys. Too many years of wishing I'd seen all five but I had been too young. Not in an ohmigod they are celebrities way…just…whatever that relationship is between a band and a musical fan. Especially when it's a band that used to have an answering machine phone line where they'd leave messages every now and then when they felt like it, just rambling about what was going on in case anyone felt like calling.

God, I'm lucky to be a Duranie. Go ahead and think I'm a dork. ;)

here's the rest for today

I only shrank a few, no editing yet, they all need cleanup, levels balancing, cropping, etc. Enjoy! The one of Nick and Simon is so cute!

I'll write up my thoughts a little later, work calls. What a Friday though, I am so happy and it's nice out and all is right with my world today.

I lied.

This is from the Duran concert in San Diego, taken by a good LJ friend of mine. Heh. "Friends" of Mine. Heh.

I saw the hat and I thought "Oh. Dear. God. He DIDN'T." *swoon* How many TIMES have I seen the 1984 concert film "As the Lights Go Down" and the revolving doorway thing and Simon in a particular hat, singing "The Chauffeur." When Duran went into that song in 1993 when I saw them in NJ, oh, it was just…. oh. That song has been in my top 3 Duran songs since….since I knew it existed. But it was daylight out, you know, summer, early evening outdoor show. I had no idea it was coming. But oh man…. he's doing it IN THE HAT?????? The only thing that could make a show better would be if for ONCE they didn't play "Save a Prayer."

Less than two weeks now. I am just going to be a puddle of ooozing joy. Please do it AGAIN, Simon!