t minus 3 weeks

So the news is in. This job here that I’ve been at for 18 months likely will be going away for good for me. I’m in the Marketing Dept. and they don’t do the 18 months on, 3 months off thing. So when I’m outta here, its for good, pretty much.
I admit deep down to being happy about this.
I do enjoy this job, but I’m ready to take a break from this cubicle cage. It’s been ten years…more than ten years of corporate web monkeying. It’s been fun, it’s been hard, it’s been an incredibly fulfilling situation at times, and a brain dead one at others. I’ve worked so hard I lived at work for days. I’ve been to company sponsored raves. I’ve worked in the options trading industry. I’ve worked at Microsoft and Xerox. I’ve did the whole dotcom startup in San Francisco thing, down to people riding bicycles in the aisles and playing xbox for a break at 11 am, while being worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on paper. I’ve gone to conventions and put pithy sayings on cube walls. I’ve bought power outfits and commuted. Flash, Javascript, HTML, Cold Fusion, Dynamo, Frontier, CSS, xml, VoiceXML, and more. I stayed employed through it all, I’ve been pink slipped and I’ve been picked up again immediately.

I’m going to leave on Nov. 10th, and then we will see. I will put my resume in with my agency. But…I will not lock in again. One offs, part time, freelance, quick gigs, yes. 18 months and a badge…no. Not if I can help it. It’s tremendously exciting and scary. I will be making a fraction of what I have for the past 5 years.

But I will regain my time, the most precious commodity one has. I will clean the damn house, and take care of it properly. DLJ will not have to spend weekends cleaning because it will be my job to keep it all mostly upkept. He will have less housework and therefore more time to relax at home instead of more work. I will make glass. GLASS GLASS GLASS. I will enter more shows and sales. I will start selling on ebay. I will look for freelance webwork, and continue the part time web gigs I have with one or two current clients. I will drink coffee at home. I will not commute. I will not need fancy clothes. Lunches out. Badges, business phones, cube knickknacks, rush hour, meetings, water coolers, cafeterias, security, managers, bosses, timesheets, timetracker, paper clips, shoes to change into to walk at lunch, clockwatching, faxing, someone else’s schedule, someone else’s orders, someone else’s priorities. No more overflowing laundry, dusty carpet, unfinished projects, incomplete garden, quick meals.

It’s all going to change. I really hope we can swing it. Between glass, ebay, part time freelance, I think we can keep it going. DLJ’s job is good and they will come through for him. We have savings stashed. My time will be mine more than it is, now, and with it I will work and get DLJ back some time, too.

I’m TOTALLY freaked out.

Change on the wind

I said I’d update and I lied. It’s been days, hasn’t it. Work is crazy, glass is crazy. A little over three weeks and my contract is up here. I’ll be looking for other things, and hopefully will be given the opportunity to return after my three months is up. I’d like the option to think about, at least.
Ramping up for the show is my main concern right now. I need fabric, price tags, a sign, lables…but I’ve got some inventory now, table, table cover, and the bones of a good display. Much done, much to do.
Meanwhile I am just trying to get everything paid up, equaled out, stashed and saved before the job ends. I hope to find small gigs on the side while I look for my next thing. Part of me does look forward to this…when we have kids I will want to stay home till they are in school at least…this is a good test to see how we do. DLJ still is waiting for some job stuff to happen financially, it sure is taking a long time, but all we can do is wait and stay positive.
My car is currently not in the parking lot here, as it’s being driven to an autoglass place. They do mobile replacement but it’s raining. A rock hit it a little while back, right where I couldn’t see it, below the windshield wiper. But a long crack stretches either direction now…it’s time to replace the glass. It will be back this afternoon and all complete. Like I said, fixing, finishing up financial tasks. It’s going to be a BIG bite when I stop working. It’s scary. But at the same time…we don’t NEED all that I make…we can get by with a lot less. These thoughts get tossed around a lot. And I won’t be doing nothing. Glass will be in full swing while I’m at home, plus a small web gig and hopefully others.
Here’s a piece that won’t be for sale, it was my first try and therefore not good enough to put up for someone to buy. I like it, though, and I’ll wear it.

Oh, it’s going to be a crazy fall. But a good one. Stay positive.

This n’ That

A recent Duran concert had both “Friends of Mine” AND “Sound of Thunder” AND John and Simon sharing a kiss. My cup would have runneth over and I would have been distracted for days. I can’t remember if I’ve heard “Sound of Thunder” live but I did hear “Friends of Mine” in San Jose once. Good boys, good. Keep the party train rockin’. I suppose I should be envious of all that in one concert…but then I just remember that sunny afternoon with not a single other Duranie around, the smell of Simon’s cologne when I got that awesome hug and conversation in my motorcycle leathers. Purrrrr.

It’s hot. I’m indoors and it’s hot. Not sure why. I need to put my pasta salad in the fridge.

DLJ worked late again last night and I drove out to Portland to meet him and take him back, since he was just tired and not wanting to commute. He works hard, so I don’t mind. Things have to get smoother in the next month or so. They just gotta.

It was super hot so we ate out, but because of the lateness our plan to go to the library was dashed. I need to get my book, and he wanted his library card. Today if he is going to be late I just have to go on my own. I also have to stick around while I fire my project tonight, so maybe I just have to go enroute from work and we can go back later if the kiln is past peak temperature.

I picked up the sheet metal for the benchtops and installed them, Dad will swing by Sunday, I think, to get them placed truly correctly, then we will add the ergo stuff, and the torch will be set and the room will be truly complete in terms of functionality. All that will remain then is the borders for the door/window and patching the light switch by the door. I really miss having the studio working. I have so much to do. So much. I really need to haul ass in August.

Yesterday I bought our Tokyo tickets. The trip seems real now. I guess soon I will start making rough plans and figuring out when the Kyoto trip will be. I am so grateful to our friends who are letting us stay with them; saving so much money and having folks who know the city and speak Japanese. It won’t be so “Lost in Translation” that way.

I have days I’m really tired, tired of being the financial rock. I want to go all squooshy, and I wonder if I will ever have the freedom to. I know you don’t get what you want all the time, and you make your choices. Sometimes the results aren’t seen till later. I have faith that I will not always have to be this way, but at the same time…I don’t trust anything or anyone to make it otherwise. I’ll have to see it to believe it.

*note: My webcam page currently has a small pic of the studio on it. Was showing dad the metal. It’s blurry. Oh well.

Down time

Our Internet is all screwy, and that is why I have been so quiet. I’m on right now because we turned off the phone to get it to work. DLJ will need to do a little modernizing on the wires, what we’ve got can’t handle the phone, the dsl and the alarm system all at once.
He has to go back to work to get a file that supposedly was emailed but he never got.

Our party was a fun success, even tho it rained for awhile in the middle. Only one item got broken, one of my fireballs that holds candles. $30 to replace plus shipping, oh well. Our bottle of wine was taken care of. When we got married, we got a magnum of really good red wine from the winery, and obviously could not drink it ourselves, so we opened it for this party. Everyone pitched in and it was nice to share it with friends.

We’ve been treated to some wonderful sunsets these past nights. My camera is broken but it’s a good lesson, anyway. It’s in my head, that’s the only memory I need, really.
Other things on the road of simplicity:
I watch maybe 2-4 hours of tv a week.
I got my library card to rent books instead of buy them.
Not having Internet IS giving me free time to do other things.
We moved to a local credit union. Not exactly simplifying, but it is supporting local biz and not getting lost in the giant maw of BofA anymore.

I need to get back in the glass studio. I’m thinking Thursday, and I’ll be back in the saddle after party planning and our vacation.

So much thinking to do. So much planning. As usual, I wonder just where the hell I will be a year from now.

Green simple

I just cleaned the bathroom. I don’t like that job. I think if I could give up one task, that would be it.

But the bathroom is nice, now, Simple Greened. I dusted in the bedroom, pulled more ivy, pulled some weeds, made some beads for a trade, read up on some safety information for glassoworkers…and received an amazing suprise. Somone in the glass community I hang out on is sending me a glass grinder…FREE. I have been saving up for one (I am halfway there.) This will let me put that money towards some safety equipment (I’m safe already, this is more “keep my self from prematurely aging” stuff), and some bails to hang fused pendants on. I am astounded at the generosity, and delighted to reuse an older grinder rather than buy a new one (reduce, reuse, recycle).

Yesterday we hung out at Dragavonne’s after seeing Hitchiker. SO GOOD. I really enjoyed it, and the company. Also, brunch with friends in Portland and visiting the farmer’s market near PSU. The one in my town had opening day yesterday, very excited to have it back and running for the summer months. It is one hell of a farmer’s market.

I have a commission for a red pendant, I will probably work on that next weekend.

Also need to get some materials to make a shawl closure for someone, looks like a very fun project as well!

Time to pay the property taxes this week. Whooahaaaaah. It’s been a good weekend.

Holy refunds, Tax Man

Today was a day of getting things done. I am currently sitting in bed, still wanting to get things done, but taking it easy due to my hacking icky cough. I still feel fine otherwise, except maybe a little tired. I want to get my new site going but the created database isn’t taking with my host. I’m not sure why, I have never had problems before creating a database, so the customer support emails are sporadically going back and forth. But, grr. I wanted to get this party started!

Also I can complete my business cards this weekend. That is a goal. But today, yes, things were done. DLJ is downstairs ripping out the sink and things in the downstairs bathroom, starting prep to have the room retiled. We will paint before that happens, then put in the new sink and cabinet type stuff. I need to make that call to the contractors to schedule the tile installation.

Today DLJ also dropped off his poor, broken computer monitor to ship away to be fixed. It’s still under warranty, yay, so we just pay for the shipping. Which isn’t trivial, but it’s lots less than getting a new monitor. And we went to the tax man. Or shall I say, woman. DLJ has done taxes in the past, but with our house buying, job shifting, full time and contracted work, in companies in and out of Oregon, and side contract freelance jobs and things…yeah. I wouldn’t want to touch it, either.

It was worth the money, as she noted something that could be shifted around in our investments that will almost triple the refund. Score.

We had a largish late lunch after that appointment, which means dinner will be simple and light. We rented “Garden State” and “Calendar Girls,” and have “Garden State” to go, maybe tonight or tomorrow. More glass for me tomorrow as well, and finishing up the biz cards if they are not completed tonight.

Cough,cough,wheeze, hack.