food monopoly

isn’t strange there are a few foods out there that seem to always be one brand?

herring in sour cream/wine sauce: Vita

pickled mixed veggies: Mezzetta

Can you think of any others?

Today was very busy. I walked to one store nearby, and went to all the other stores I needed to in one swoop in the car, plus the library and post office.

I had a strange dream that we were having our driveway redone and the guy redid the front walk too, and put in stairs and all these things that we didn’t ask for and I was terrified he was going to make us pay for it all.

DLJ and I had a good and lowkey weekend. Yesterday he never got out of his pajamas, and I think that is a good thing. He deserves total, complete days off like that.

Time to start thinking about dinner, polenta I think with wilted greens and a salad.

my hands smell like cumin…

because I am making homemade black bean soup! I planned this for today’s dinner menu before I knew DLJ was going back to the dentist to fill some cavities, but now I am happy cause it will be easy for him to eat. Once the midday lunch rush is over I will do my errands to the library and post office, so that means now I should battle the cold demon and go fire up the kiln…or maybe I should do that after DLJ gets home, so that someone is here while I go for my walk later. I don’t like having the kiln on as it ramps up when it is home alone.

Laundry. I can start laundry. And find the tour phone and plug it in, it’s totally dead. Which means I can’t call it. I think it’s actually in the car, which makes no sense, but there you go.

I got myself Skype yesterday so I can talk to some pals in England and and dear boy from New Zealand who is in Australia now….some of my VERY old readers might remember him, he whisked me away on a whirlwind romance when I backpacked through Europe.

I love that I stay in touch with people who are so far away, both across miles and through time.

Lurkers unite…

I love you readers. I do.

I had no idea I had lurkers. Which is the point of lurking, I know.

I am a lurker in many places myself. I’m amazed how many of you are old-timers still hanging in there with me. Like the nice guy who brought up the show on ZDTV….that was 1997-98 when I was on that. Amazing.

It’s nice to know you are here, and feel free to going back to your cozy lurking holes. =)

I’ve got pizza dough rising downstairs, but it came out a little funky tonight, not sure how the final product will be. It’s cold out and I need to go out to get some rosemary from the bush for the pizza, I should have done that when it was lighter out. DLJ and I went for a walk to go to an open house, mainly because the house in question is the same model as ours, but they had managed to somehow put a huge master bathroom and walk in closet off the main bedroom, and we were curious. I love seeing my house, decorated and arranged differently. It’s fun!

I went to the studio and scraped my shelf, and brushed on fresh kiln wash, which keeps the glass from sticking. I will make a bunch of pendants tomorrow, I think…or perhaps some bracelet components.

DLJ will be gone Friday and Saturday, gone to MacWorld down in San Francisco. I told him to go have some chips at the Irish Bank for me….I have been craving them lately, and of course, 500 miles away, there is naught I can do. I should have made Dolby take me there at some point around Thanksgiving, or at least, I should have taken myself last Spring when I had a day in the city. But there was so much to do, naked sunbathing and hottubing at Osento, crepes at Ti Couz….so much to eat, so little time.

Seriously though, I am REALLY missing Irish Bank chips BAD.

I sold my old television set and it’s in a nice, new home. Now I just need to get the old vacuum out of here. DLJ fixed the slightly wobbly handle, but I still want to give it away somewhere. Like a church or old folk’s home or somewhere it could really be used. If not, I will just freecycle it, but I dunno…it’s a good little vacuum. I’m just being strange, I guess.

I should be doing laundry. DLJ is watching Battlestar Galactica. If it wasn’t so chilly I would go for a walk. I could do my yoga, I suppose.

Damn you, Irish Bank. Damn you.


Awake in Austin. I saw a friend, Bernie, from my old Organic days last night. It was very sweet of her, considering she’s due ANY DAY NOW to come out for a coffee. She took me to a great little plays called Jo’s, I feel like I got a little true Austin flavor and a bit of catching up time, which I appreciate greatly.

I had dinner in a rediculously swank sushi place with BT, his band, and other crew folks. We walked there and back, I left early with Trifon, as he was still not in perfect health (neither am I) and I needed to pay the TD crew their per diems.

The bus leaves for the gig in anĀ  hour and a half. I still have my computer on West Coast time, so I keep glancing over my shoulder at the clock on the nightstand.

Tomorrow it’s on to Dallas. The days off have been marvelous, I wish we had more. We only have one more, where we hopefully will visit a tiger sanctuary.

I joined…feel free to friend Lunesse to get cryptic real time updates on where I am. You can see it in my sidebar now.

Sorry this photo is too big for my layout….que sera….

Texas waffles, y'all, in the hotel in Amarillo.

Sake’d out.

Yesterday’s trip to the sake brewery was a good time. We tasted six different sakes and a mixed drink, then went to the brewing section and looked in a giant tank with 4,000 gallons of bubbling white goo. DLJ and I bought four bottles to bring home. We liked the pearl (unfiltered) and the regular silver sake best. They had fruit infused ones but…they were good, but I am boring with my sake, maybe. I just like…sake. =)

This company is the only American owned and operated sake brewery in America, and it is really good, with lots of medals from contests and very informative staff. We will be sure to buy from them again!

The sake tasting party then all went to a Thai place for dinner. There were seven of us. Much fun and mango sticky rice was had. Then DLJ and I came home very tired and watched some “Ghost in the Shell.”

Today I am going to clean the bedroom, change the sheets, make some more beads, go food shopping and then get ready for two friends to come over for homemade pizzas on the grill for dinner.

Here’s a bead I made with two accessory beads, I am wondering if I should flesh it out to a larger set to sell.

Fall Lustre

Sunday slug

Ok. I have had my cream of wheat. DLJ is scolding me for not laughing while reading the funnies. I laugh INSIDE…really, I do.

I’m sorry there has been no glass lately. I’ve been in a bit of a technique slump, and I have been obsessed with it. But here’s one from last week.

Koala Bamboo

Lots to do today. I need to figure out where my friend and I can photograph her glass tomorrow. We do have a house with many white walls but with the craziness downstairs, DLJ has his office in the living room and a lot of stuff is stashed in other rooms. The hole is filled in now, outside. What remains is carpet removal, painting the new wall and fireplace, reinstalling carpet and a french drain outside.

I want to get the painting done before I leave, so that I can help. I don’t want to leave DLJ here alone to do all that work. But time is starting to run short, especially if we go away to the coast next weekend to hang out with my parents, who are visiting their condo.

I digress. Today I need to make pizza dough for the next month, clean some beads. Tomorrow will be a day at the metal studio if I can find a buddy to go there, it’s Spring Break so there are no classes. But I want to get my metal bead a lot closer to done.

I need to also make a damn bracelet I want to wear on tour.

We have also scored a wood fire insert, free. Just need to get it to our house from a house up the street. It’s lovely and has SILVER trim, not gold/brass. Very important. We will need to rent a thingie from Home Depot or something to get it the short distance to us.

And as always, more web work. The forum is ready to go, but I want to get DLJ to sign on as a tester before I link it in the site. Plus another area is just about ready, a few last minute tweaks. I really want to release the whole thing at once, but there are reasons we want sections up now…so it will be a little…sporadic. So it goes. That’s what you get when you get only a month to overhaul an entire site. It just won’t all go at once.

Ok. Dough, then cleaning beads/photos. Maybe I will make a few more to go towards that bracelet.

And I suppose clothes would be good. It’s 10:30 and I am still in my robe and NOT WEARING PANTS!

the nail in the California coffin.

I just walked to the store, as I am wont to do, and decided to finally check out the sushi place in the little strip mall next door. I have always meant to, never did. So I did today.

Not only is it nice in there, great ambience, not only is the fish amazing, not only is the sushi chef a woman…

I CAN WALK TO ANKIMO from HOME. And DLJ and I can get drunk on sake and stumble home on warm summer eves.

Bye bye, Cali. Oregon has you beat.

What a week. Already

Saturday, I had what pretty much seems to be a gall bladder attack. Yesterday my hose for propane crapped out. Had to go all over to find a new one. Just now I was on bead #2, and the propane itself crapped out. I will refill the tank tonight on the way back from the metal studio. At least I got THAT done.

Dr. on Thursday about the gall bladder. I don’t care if I have to eat more lowfat, good for ya anyway…but if I can’t have a luxury now and then, like a Dagoba chocolate hot cocoa with home whipped cream….what’s the point of life?

I guess I wait till later in the week to learn more.


We picked our contractor, and I will inform them today.
Things will get moving. We will leave the house for three days at some point, cats and all. We will retreat to the coast for a relaxing weekend with cats wondering where they are.

We also will get a break starting tomorrow on our jaunt down to LA. I am looking forward to the sunshine (once I get off the plane) and seeing friends. When I get back, my metalsmithing class starts. I won’t have to spend all this time hunting for contractors and estimates. Glass will go back to the forefront. A few web gigs might trickle in as I hunt for them.

The weather says rain all day and the rest of the week. The stolen moments of sun from earlier in the week were luxurious.

I need to connect with folks that think how I do, more. The few artists I have met lately, the friends trying to make changes, fight the tide of mass consumerism. I need to hang out with them more, so we can feed each other. I have been so busy with the house, not so social.

Today I am fetching us a treat. I ordered it before I stopped working. Months ago. Burrata. Burrata is to buffalo mozzerella what that stuff is to polly-o string cheese. It is the pinnacle of soft cheese. So soft that when you cut into it it leaks. There are three of them at Pastaworks on Hawthorne. One is reserved for me. It’s pricey, for the size, but I committed a long time ago and DLJ has never had burrata. You can’t go through life, if you are a cheese fan, without trying it at least once. I haven’t had it since my days as a restaurant slave.
It will be good eatin’ tonight.

Good to start a year with a holiday

Last night we went to downtown Portland for a drink at a newish bar called Bettie Ford. It was fun, and did indeed have a vague hospital-ly type feel to it, with gauzy curtains hanging from the ceiling like in an ER, and the staff all had little crosses on their tight t-shirts.

I had a champagne type drink mixed with the bubbly stuff, vodka, lemon sorbet…yum.
After that we went on to the concert hall to catch Jimmy Scott and Pink Martini for the new year. It was terrific. The band played a song called “Eugene” which have enjoyed since the first time I saw them, though it hasn’t hit an album yet. There were several other totally new songs, and they counted down at Midnight and went in to “Auld Lang Syne” and then straight into “Brazil” with the Lions of Batacuda complete with dancing girls and feathers all onstage.

The ride home was as er, fun as I thought it would be. Free public trans is great, drunk morons are not. It wasn’t that bad, and could have been a lot worse, but man…humans are so dumb. Getting too drunk sucks. Why on earth do it?

I should have some new photos today of new beads I made yesterday. There’s big wind flying around today, and it’s grey out. I might go for a walk, and later I am making split pea soup with the hambone leftover from Christmas.

Happy New Year!