No room to move

Such a busy weekend. We just had bamboo floors installed in the living room and dining room, after ripping out all the carpet ourselves. White carpet in a dining room. Who does that?
Along with this is the obligatory moving around of furniture, and getting rid of things we don’t use, or giving them a better use.

Slowly but surely. The floor guys need to come back to finish the stair that goes into the sunken living room, but that is about it.

We had a birthday party to go to yesterday, and another one today. I am feverishly putting together inventory to put in a gallery tomorrow. And then I need to make MORE. MORE MORE MORE to fill out my offerings, and to put some others back out at the coast, and then try to get some up on Etsy, too. STUDIO TIME: NEEDED!

We said goodbye to a dear friend 2 days ago, our cat Lolita, who was 20. She moved in with DLJ years ago in Oakland, California. Her physical descent was quick into kidney failure and we brought her to the vet to stop her pain on Friday. It was a sad day, but I feel better knowing she is no longer declining. She wasn’t eating at all and every day looked worse and worse. She wasn’t Lolita as we knew her, so I know we were doing the right thing.

Life goes on. Halloween, we are finishing up Derek’s costume today, and need to carve one more pumpkin.
With that, we are quite busy today. I sort of envy the snow storm in the east, I know the power outages and such are not fun, but there is something cozy about a house with all that snow…. if you have power and heat somehow, of course.

Happy Halloween/Samhain!

Enter Summer

It’s raining tonight. It’s a nice, cozy rain. We went to a birthday party earlier for one of Derek’s friends and it was a good time, good food and friends. There was a point were most of the kids were running in crazy circles around the house, faster and faster and louder, and eventually, two bonked and cried, but soon they were all running again, it was so loud we adults could barely talk…..
…except for Derek and one of his friends, who were over in the family room playing together, putting cars in a giant recycling truck, completely oblivious to all the craziness going on, which seemed impossible, it was so rambunctious.

I love my little dude!

I sold a lot of excess glass today, and my first flameworking torch. Sniff. But it had been sitting on a shelf. I repainted my studio Saturday, finishing up painting over most of the pale yellow areas a light blue. And now, suddenly, even though the paint job was quick and imperfect, I am on this minimalist kick in there. I took down posters, postcards, etc., in order to paint, and now I don’t want to put any of them back up. So for now they are stored away until I decide if I want anything in there again. Funny.

I just signed Derek up for his summer swimming lessons, so I think our summer schedule is now complete. A gym sports kind of class on Tuesday mornings, swimming on Thursday evenings, speech therapy on Fridays (he is doing very well with his stutter these weeks. Except when excited, it is almost nonexistent, which is very good progress and bodes well for the future with this and eliminating it completely) and then hopefully Friday playgroup. Oh, and a playgroup at his preschool in the forest on most Wednesdays. That leaves Monday for shopping, one day for a babysitter, and the rest of the time for playing with friends, hanging out at home, zoo, etc.

In other news, we bleached the hell out of our bathroom today. The shower pan is so old that the sealant is gone, and we can’t get it back on there (its a pebbled shower pan, huge and heavy.) So we can bleach it and leave it for two weeks. That means we shower downstairs for two weeks. Excitement around here, I tell you. Oh well, it will feel exotic, showering in a “new” location.

Thrilling, huh?

Lime Swirl

One of those pieces I will have real trouble putting up for sale next weekend. One of a kind, not sure I can do it again so nicely in terms of the glass texture. Needs a touch more finishing on the bail.

Lime Swirl Pendant


Need to make an online journal entry of substance.

I need to make the time to do it.

How did my days get so busy, so full, so hectic? Web stuff, straw stuff, preschool stuff, little boy stuff, house stuff, preschool auction stuff, health stuff, DLJ stuff.

Well, I must get back to the STUFF. I will try to write something with decent content in the next few days.

Descent Focal

I’m in my studio with a student, supervising her open torch time.

Descent Focal
I made this one yesterday, quickly, to test a theory. The swirls are not a glass that is called Aurora, made by Bullseye. I sort of accidentally made my own Aurora, using Bullseye glass. It has a lot more color, I think than the bought Aurora.

Fascinating. Wish I had more time to play with it, but life is hectic these days….only more so soon, when I start my yoga classes twice a week. That will cut into studio time, for certain, but good for the soul in a different way.

Lights in the rain

It’s another rainy Sunday here in Oregon. But we will probably put up the holiday lights anyway. Last night we went out to dinner at New Seasons, a local schmancy grocery store, and Derek saw his first holiday lights of the year. He was VERY excited, and kept saying “Who else in this neighborhood has their Christmas lights up?” and “Oh that is so PRETTY!” He is so sweet. I hope we can record him saying these things. Last year what he said was “Can we find more lights?” And the year before that….not much at all since he had very few words…

I am very busy. I am doing a lot of work on Thomas Dolby’s site right now, it is deep in crunch time on that one. And I just started working on a new site, another band called the Shanghai Woolies, a local band that plays hot jazz. And I have lots to do on the website for Derek’s preschool, as that is my volunteer parent job. And of course, the beads, the glass, the straws. Plus being a Mom and a wife. Busy! Very busy. I need things to settle down, but I am not sure when that will happen. The immediate crush should slow in a few days and not be so hectic.

I’m still in my pajamas. It’s been a nice, long week of DLJ being home. We were going to go to LA for Thanksgiving but it was canceled at the 11th hour, my MIL was very sick and didn’t want us to come. So we went to the coast instead. It was nice, we had two days that were cloudy, but also partly clear, with no rain, so Derek got some beach time in, we went to the Oregon Aquarium on Thanksgiving Day, which was a GREAT day to go. There were less than 200 people wandering the whole place, it was like it was rented out for a private party or something in terms of our freedom to roam around and see very few other people.

While life is very busy right now, I am grateful for the busy. It means I have work to do, art to do, ways to help friends with their work, and a great family to be a part of.


I feel like I should be doing something.
I just had a 1.5+ hour interview on my glass work for a paper, and I suppose I should go do the shopping, I have a few grocery items to get. I updated some web stuff, did some Dolby work….there has to be something…something…..

Ooo. Pack up straws. I will do that, THEN go get the few groceries before getting Derek from preschool.

I just feel like something is hiding out of reach that I need to do and have forgotten.


And it is raining, still. I know it usually stops by the time we have our annual party, which is the Saturday on or closest after the summer solstice…but it sure is grey a lot, here, still.

The garden loves it, however, and I am not one to complain about free water for my plants. The asparagus is still producing, the spinach has started…the swiss chard is coming up. I hope I get some of these things before it gets too hot…but I will plant more in the fall.

Next year I have to let at least one plot go fallow, it will be sad having less stuff, hmm, maybe I will cram some more plants somewhere else.

We had a lovely past week, with DLJ off for 6 days. Derek had been in the middle of a little potty backslide. It’s his first one. Since I did EC with him for training, he’s been doing #2 in the potty since around 9 months, and was in underwear by his 2nd bday. I had gotten used to it being pretty easy, but all of the sudden he was just NOT going to the potty to pee. At least it was just pee, thank goodness, but still. But we seem to be back on track. So that was the one thing that made the past 1.5 weeks a little frustrating. But we went to Breitenbush Hot Springs and had a great 3 days completely off the grid, everything there is self contained, water for hydro-electric power, geo-thermal for heat….very relaxing. It was overcast but it never rained when we wanted to be outdoors. We all slept wonderfully, with Derek in his own adult sized bed, even, sleeping from night fall until the gong woke us up for breakfast.

My parents are out wandering around Europe on a riverboat, which sounds fabulous. Myself, I am looking forward to having 2 days to myself soon. I think Derek and DLJ will go to visit DLJ’s Mom without me, leaving me here COMPLETELY ALONE with no one to wake me up before 10 am. I might even go out at NIGHT! LATE!

DLJ and I are seeing Imogen Heap in a week or so in Portland, a proper night out.

But DLJ just called saying there is a power outage at his work, plus one at the Vancouver office, so he probably won’t be here for dinner. Sigh. Not sure if I will go ahead and make the salmon, or hold it until Thursday when we will all be home for dinner.

It is so grey out. I think it’s a day to make some decaf once Derek wakes from his nap. We just got our farm milk delivered this morning. It used to be on Wed. at around 6-7 pm, but it was before 10 am this morning! I like this new schedule!

I haven’t made a bead in a few weeks. I am working on a project and sending a tool back and forth to get it just how I want it…but I need to get in there and make something besides straws. I cleaned the studio out yesterday to spic and span, and now it is begging for some creative usage!


A lot of my life is plans right now.

I just finished the yearly really big glass show I do, and it went quite well. Almost as well as last year, within $100 worth in terms of sales. In this still sluggish economy, I’m totally down with doing just as well as the year before.

I think next year, I am ready for my own booth. And the plans for that are already afoot. I’m going to change my work, again, which is always a healthy thing to do, make new things, try new ideas. I’m going to lift my work even higher in terms of overall finished pieces…which will raise prices a bit on some work. But other pieces will stay in a more $40-$80 range, and of course, earrings for even less than that.

So I have a lot of R&D to do…when I have time.

Today someone came out to look at the backyard, as we need a new wall back there to replace the one I helped remove when I was 6 months pregnant, made of railroad ties and full of termites. It will be replaced with stone, and hopefully in the next couple weeks.

Spring is here. While I was gone in AZ the leaves popped and today is a lovely, warm day. I am making soup tonight, Derek is napping and should wake up soon, I want to go out and play in the afternoon sun a little more before I have to come in and cook.

All these plans…some for the next hour, some the next few weeks, some for around this time next year.

It’s fun to make them, even more fun to see them through!