Good news, straggling House of the Moon readers…

I made a change, and now all entries will be written here and go direct to livejournal, which I couldn’t do before. I was writing over there and missing it over here, but now all is perfect, they can comment over there, and readers at can comment there. So, LJ folks, keep on commenting, I DO read them and am still very active in LJ, just starting the flow of entries somewhere else.

This journal has an RSS feed on livejournal, if you are reading this from there, this feed will go away, there’s no point in double dipping the same entry for readers over there. So friend me on LJ if you only are reading the RSS and want to still see what I am up to, as I will disable the rss feed soon.


So, what am I up to?

Derek is a growing, sweet boy. He is walking, running, climbing chairs, begging for cheese, and generally being a mostly good sweetheart. He still isn’t the best sleeper, but more nights than not he makes it from 8 pm to 5:30, where I nurse him, and  he then sleeps till 7:30 or so. I am happy with this schedule, and I still enjoy spending quiet early morning hours with him.

It’s loud outside, some guy who owns a tree service seems to be slicing and dicing his own trees through a chipper. Derek and I had a playdate this afternoon, but it is gone, as that boy has a fever. We have not seen them for  literally months, and it sucks. It’s been a rough winter for sick.

I have a show in April that I am working as hard as I can to be ready for, a show I really enjoy doing. It’s at the Convention Center in Portland and it is free, with all sorts of guilds that make handmade things, metal, weaving, ceramics, woodworking…it is at the end of April so I am running out of time!

More later, on the garden, Let’s see if I can find a recent Derek photo to add… LJ readers have seen this one, but going forward,  no more  overlaps!



I really should be scanning documents into the computer for sending out in email form, but I really don’t want to. That is so boring. I like editing glass photos instead:

Peach Fizz Necklace

I can hear a train outside, I really like hearing them, especially later at night then this. It’s like when I am at the coast and I can see the fishing boats out on the water late at night, the orange lights glimmering at the horizon. I like that someone else is awake, and will be awake even after I have fallen asleep.

Derek and I went to the zoo today. It was very cold but we still saw many of the animals, the baby elephant has grown a lot but is still small and cute. It moves its legs so fast compared to the adults, less bulk and less length to move.

I haven’t even taken care of the trash and recycling yet. Ok. I have to go do work. I’d really rather play with glass photos. One last trip out to the studio before I shut it down for the night, I snuck an hour in this morning and want to see how the recent work came out. I think another hour or so and I can go sneak a peek.

Sunny days not here to stay

Today is gorgeous. Just a perfect fall day.

I did some studio work and DLJ is painting our bathroom, it is almost done, finally! We were to go out with friends to pumpkin boat races, but Derek is still sleeping, and the races end in less than an hour, so I don’t think we will make it.

He has been pretty miserable with teething (we think!) the past week. He has been a great sleeper but is having problems recently, I hope that is why and when they push through, he goes back to sleeping better.

I made carmel apples this week.

It is too dang nice to be here at this monitor, so I am fleeing it for now!

Time is flying, summer is almost over, today it feels like it already is! Derek is asleep in flannel pants, and I am jealous.

But I got some metalsmithing done, sent out some flyers to my pediatrician about the new Holistic Moms group, Portland Branch, that I have helped cofound with a friend. Our first meeting, a free Open House, is Oct. 2 at the Community Center in Beaverton. I hope people show up, but I know new groups can be slow to grow.

I am going to go lay down and rest a bit till the Derek man wakes. He is growing so fast…today he figured out how to raise and lower the curtains in his room, and move the blackout drapes back and forth. Oh lordie.

Here he is Labor Day Weekend at the Oregon Coast Aquarium:

Derek with a brass turtle!

4 minutes

Till my time is up with the babysitter.

I hate bad studio days. It’s like bad golf days, I figure, you want to play well, you know how to play well, but you are just off.

Today was an off day and I have so few studio hours it really sucks when it happens.

A razor blade, oddly, would have made a difference. But also, I dunno…just…I knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted the glass to do, but it mostly did not obey me.

It’s sunny, so maybe Derek and I will go out to a park this afternoon until it’s time to start thinking about dinner. But now, it’s time for a quick, big glass of water, and then little Derek is back in my charge, and my brain can stew over the fact that the studio time was quite lukewarm.

I did get some new things up on Etsy today, at least!

Yet another blog

For those of you who enjoy reading about my glass, I do have a glass-centric blog. I talk there a lot more about my process, shows, sales, techniques, and just that part of my life, my glass art biz and my love of the medium.

Art After the 9 to 5

In case you are interested. =)

Thursday is Derek’s first birthday! We are having a very small party that day, just my parents and us. Then a slightly larger one on Saturday, but still very small. We want simple.

DLJ’s parents can’t make it this week but will be here in September to see the little guy.

I took him to his Infant See eye appointment today. It went well, he had a good time, especially when he found the pedals that raise the eye exam chair up and down and kept making it go up and down, over and over. He is such a button/lever/switch freak!

Mint overload

I let my mint tea steep for the past 20 minutes, it’s a doozy of a cup of tea. MINTY!

Derek is snoozing, I started a bead on its electroforming journey in the studio. It’s so nice and clean down there. It got out of control this past year, with so little time I didn’t want to spend any cleaning, so I will now try to clean a little after every work session, and spend a little time Sunday night straightening.

No signs of mice, tho there WERE fresh nibbles on my shears…but that might have happened between Sunday and Wednesday…but still, if the door was shut, how did the mouse get back in? I cleaned up its nest behind the drawer, made of chewed up paper and insulation from the walls. I guess he lived there quite awhile. But Lolita got him in the end, being a cat, which is what she is.

It’s cloudy today, and cool. There is no usual Mom’s group as a lot of folks are out of town or have family visiting. One Mom wanted to go to the zoo, but I am planning on going Monday, so I that would be a lot of times in a week.

The weekend looks fairly fun yet simple. A birthday party on Sunday…and nothing else really planned. I am watching the cats for a friend this weekend, and maybe I will get some time listing some items and working on a developing web project, or another glass project. I sure keep busy, you’d think Derek would be enough!

I can’t believe he turns a year old on the 21st. How did that HAPPEN so fast? =)

glass whore

You will note a link to my etsy shop on the main page of my blog now. Not much there at the moment, but I am hoping that will change. I am changing juiceglass a lot right now, how I sell, where, what…a lot of it is behind the scenes at the moment, but for now, anything I sell pretty much will be in etsy, it’s easier to just stick to one thing for now as the hammer and nails fly in the background.

Feel free to buy if you see anything you like as the days/weeks/months go by! Support handmade art! And I mean HAND MADE. I sometimes have issue with  “beading” as “handmade” but that is another post entirely that will probably piss people off. I just think handmade should be mostly truly handmade, all the pieces, not bought and strung. But there is no real name for “buying beads and clasps and chain and findings and stringing it and its done by human hands, not mass produced” so handmade is the word for now for all of it, I suppose.

This weekend we are putting a ceiling in in the glass studio. I have a roof, but no ceiling. This is very cold-making in the winter, so I am hoping a ceiling will help. Dad is coming out with Mom for the “fun” event. And DLJ and I will probably get a lovely dinner out on Saturday while the grandparents spend time with their darling grandson. ;)

I should be in the studio right now, but my babysitter hurt her ankle and is on crutches. I love having her, even if I didn’t have work to do I would love the time to myself twice a week. But I do have work to do, and I do have some to do right now, even if not in the studio itself. I will try to torch tonight after Derek goes to sleep, but after that I have to start clearing the place out for the ceiling construction. Nothing like forced cleaning, but man, the place NEEDS it. With so little studio time, I work, I don’t clean. ;)

It’s been awhile….

Spring is here.

Derek is 7 months plus and just about ready to crawl. He is army crawling and getting all of his legs up in the air while trying to move forward on his hands and toes.

We went on a two hour walk today to enjoy the warmer weather. He had a good time, I think, we went with 3 other Moms. Tomorrow is play date day. We went swimming today too, so it was quite busy!

I have a glass show at the end of the month at the Convention Center, so I am in the home stretch for that. Of course, I have so little studio time these days, but I should have enough inventory.

DLJ is watching the kung fu channel. It makes me want sake…bad. We have some but it’s late. =)

The Slow Days

Well, I am following the pattern of many and am now over my due date.

I’m mostly ok with this, he will come out when he’s ready, and I am really paying attention to these last days alone. I will never have them again. Even when he is grown up and gone he will be in my head, someone I can call, or who can call me. So I am relishing the hours alone even as I am a bit impatient for them to end.

The weekend was pleasant, with walks with DLJ, watching a movie, I made homemade cinnamon rolls that were very good (thank you, Alton Brown) and made some beads. If the rain lets up today I will take some photos for auctions for the week.

What else? Not much. Just waiting, existing, taking it slow and enjoying the last moments truly to myself…they could end at any time.

I have an ultrasound on Wed. if he is  not here, to check the amniotic levels and see how he’s doing. If all is well, we wait some more.

I am happy about the rain today. Not only does it refill my rainbarrels and water my veggies, but it is slow, and meditative. Cozy. A bit strange in August, but I will take it.