It never ends…

The busy Mondays!

Groceries, gotta go back to a store to return some things, drug store, gotta make beads for a customer (and if I run out of one type of glass in the process, gotta go get one more rod of it in Portland, tomorrow (my I do love living within 15 miles or so of Bullseye), swimming today.

Busy! Guess I will start with the glass and go from there.


It is a slow day today, but I am getting things done.

Some computer work, a new catloaf for Anais to eat, lunch for me. I will make some beads this afternoon and go for a walk for exercise. And do a load of light laundry. DLJ has a user’s group tonight in downtown Portland so it’s a night alone till he arrives. Tomorrow is our second Birthing From Within Class, and it’s Dad night, the instructor said she had some Daddy info on deck, so that should be good for DLJ.

It’s cloudy, I’d like a sunny day but it’s better for the garden this way. I need to have some salad for dinner to keep up with our lettuce down there, it’s growing so well. I am looking forward to the broccoli!

I should clean off this desk.

And get out of my pyjama bottoms! I need to drop some stuff off at the recycling center sometime this week as well, to clear out the garage a little more.
I am definitely looking forward to my walk later. I try to walk everyday with DLJ or R., a friend who is also pregnant. I enjoy my time with her very much, I hope once we both have our kidlets we can continue the walking.


I know, I have been. I have been busy. Mom came to visit, in-laws arrived the day before she left…

Things have been hectic but should slow down now.  It’s very warm today, a nice day to be not doing much of anything. DLJ took the day off to say goodbye to his parents, now they are gone and it’s too hot to do much until the cool of the evening sashays in.

Time to start making more beads, both for sale now and for inventory the first months with the kidlet around until I figure out how it’s all going to work. I just won’t know until I get there how I will arrange everything…so might as well play now with fire while I can with no one wanting anything from me. It’s almost third trimester time. I am feeling better about being Mom, not that I ever felt BADLY…I’m just adjusting. Less moments of ambivalence….but I do still lament how I am about to lose so much of my alone time, something I really enjoy.

Late start.

The phone rang really early this morning, and we didn’t get back to sleep until after DLJ’s alarm went off. So we slept after that.:P

He’s eating breakfast and it is nice to have him around a little later than usual. By the time the garbage truck comes around, he is usually gone.

Another busy day. I have got to get inventory listed today for my show next weekend at the Portland Convention Center, the Glass Guild Exhibition. This will probably be my last show for some time, at least until maybe next spring or summer (she said optimistically). I will still be making glass when I can once the baby arrives and things get vaguely in a routine…but the first year will definitely be a slowdown and more reliant on regular customers and online sales vs. shows. I do have some beads going without me to a large show in Vegas, so that will be some nice exposure even without my being there.

So far we are keeping up with the garden, but the rain hasn’t stopped yet, that is when it gets more difficult. Our hydrangeas are just not placed correctly (thank you, previous owners) and they burn most summers at some point. I  have been moving the rest of our soil into a holding area on the front yard until we get the yard removed. I also might work on getting part of the drip system in place, so that we can get it working without the timer, at least, by the time the rains stop for the summer.

Last night we had pork spareribs finished off on the grill, I had put them in a dry rub and roasted them for 1.5 hours before DLJ got home. It was our first time doing ribs, and I think they came out really well! It wasn’t Reo’s Ribs, for sure (a good rib place nearby), but it was pretty close and a lot less $$$. =)

This weekend we are going to Tacoma to a wedding reception of one of my oldest friends, from back in the Jersey Days. Old time readers might recognize the name Horticultural Guy. Peter. He got married on a Disney cruise in the past month and is having the party now for those of us who didn’t go on the cruise with him and his lovely wife. We are staying in a B&B the one night we are up there, so that should be a little treat. Any recs. on things to do in Tacoma on a Sunday morning/early afternoon, before we go back down to Portland?

Sunny with French Toast, chance of gardening.

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, I hope it stays that way into a beautiful Sunday day. Yesterday when DLJ was out he got cinnamon bread at the Beaverton Bakery, that means it’s a French Toast day today. He is the chef in this house when it comes to pancakes and french toast.

We went to a nursery on Friday and got some good plant starts, and I picked up some seeds while doing my volunteer hours at the Recycled Gardens, so today we should be getting some things in the ground and hoping they take. I’d also like to take a slow walk. Both of us are getting over being a little sick, so it’s more of a stroll than a true walk for exercise.

Last night I had dreams about setting up a show and having a garage sale at the same time…. my show in May is just around the corner, so I need to get cracking on this stuff, clearly. I am not sure what the garage sale part of the dream represents.

I got a press used while at Tucson, so for a very good price.

Ruby Rock

It comes in three sizes, this was the middle one, but I can’t remember the millimeters across right now.

I’m also messing with electroforming now, which is applying metals directly to the bead. It’s not exactly bronzing baby shoes, but it’s a vaguely similar idea:

Busy as a glass bee.

My belly is about halfway cooked now, in terms of the little boy (yep, boy) inside. It’s kinda big, and it kinda scares me to think it’s only halfway done!

Off by a day.

It feels like a Friday to me, even though it’s only Thursday. I am not sure why.

It will be time to go down to the studio soon, once World Have Your Say is done on NPR. It’s a good program, but listening to a bunch of people argue isn’t my cuppa while at the torch. I could bring the iPod down with me, I suppose.

It’s partly sunny here today but chilly. Still, I will go for a walk once my studio work is done. I think fro now until 11 I will make a batch of red cabbage slaw to go with dinner.

Some days I get up and after I say goodbye to DLJ I want to go back to bed, but I never do. There is always so much to be done! I don’t even know what our plans are this weekend…more getting the house in order, probably, DLJ has started moving his things down to his office, now that the new flooring is in. The living room will be a living room again. I have a lot of stuff to list on Craigslist. I am not sure when I will have time to deal with that, maybe early next week.

I also have some glass things I want to try out…but I need to get through my orders first! Maybe I will add a little extra time onto the end of today’s session for some play.

March is flying by.

Busy Spring Weekend

DLJ can finally move his office back into…well, the office. The flooring has been put down, after a little touch up paint, all his books, desk items, computer, everything, can come back out of the living room. The storage, shelves, etc., can leave the garage.

I painted our planter box wood over the past few days, a little every day, so that we can have two raised vegetable beds in the backyard. They are drying in the sun right now. That task complete, I am working on further emptying out my office to become the kidlet’s room. I will miss my office, but all I need is a small desk, and there is room for that in the library/guest room. Since the guest bed is a really good couch, it doesn’t feel like a guest room, so it will be a good space for me to use most of the time. And DLJ said I can sit down in his office, of course, but I would do that only temporarily. I think we still work best with our own private corners, so to speak, and this house is big enough we can still have that, even with the kidlet.

Later today we will go to the Japanese garden to enjoy the plum and cherry trees that are in full bloom. Last night we went out to celebrate a birthday with a lot of friends, and had a good time. We left early since DLJ was very tired from a long week of work.

I have some glass orders to fill, hopefully tomorrow and early next week. Maybe after that I can get going on a project I want to try! =) “Work” before pleasure.

I did make a bracelet the other afternoon, with my Horizon beads. It’s very summery, down to the little fish swimming near the water. ;)


DLJ finally left work, he had to stay later than usual. We are going out for dinner because we got a gift certificate for flying on Alaska Airline for $20 off. I am hongry!

It’s been raining and chilly all week, keeping me me out of the studio. I have several orders to take care of, so I have to get in there by Monday at the latest. It is a busy weekend so it might not happen before that.

I have been cleaning out my office to make it a room for the Kid. Slowly. We will get it done in time.

I really am wanting Spring to show up with warmer weather. I don’t mind the rain when it’s not so cold. Tomorrow is the SE Portland Artwalk. This year I am not in it, but going to it with DLJ and a friend. I need to focus on the Glass Gallery in May. I am really looking forward to that event, mostly to see all the work of all the other guilds and groups that are the same weekend, the metal guild, the wood guild, the bead society…Cool!

I’m going to go rest until DLJ comes home.

Waiting to fly.

Portland airport. I’m on my way to Tucson for the giant To Bead True Blue show at the Manning House, where I will be selling beads and jewelry in the Redondo Pavilion. 6 days.

Maybe I am crazy for doing the largest bead type of event in the US so early in my career. But I know I will learn a lot and meet lots of people. Staying with my parents also makes it way more affordable and fun.

My pilot is here, sitting in the morning sun waiting with the rest of us. I got here with plenty of time in case they wanted to search me with all my strange boxes and things in my luggage, but it all went through just fine. I have my gummy Lifesavers as a treat on the plane (sugar bad, but I still hate flying enough to want something to distract me) and the new Nick Bantock book, Windflower.

Going away from DLJ again, yet again, is hard, but this time it is for my own business, not someone else’s so he is very supportive of it.

Our bamboo flooring came in, so he will fetch that today, and it will sit in our house until I am back home and I can be there for installation. Then we will put DLJ’s furniture back and finally reclaim the living room and garage. It has been hard having his office in the living room, and no room to park a car. Not a tragedy, for sure, but it would be nice to have that room back for entertaining without being so crammed, and for him to have a space all his own to work in.

Anais is sick again, so she will have to go off to the vet. I don’t know what the right answer is. But she is DLJ’s cat more than mine, I can’t decide what to do. She’s an old kitty, though,with several things wrong.

Ok, time to go and get all my stuff packed as small as possible.

Here’s a couple pieces that will be at the show. If you are at the show, come find juiceglass at the To Bead True Blue event! =)