Random things

No particular order or importance.

1. 2 things I learned since having a kid: Sun butter sandwiches are just delicious! (Sun butter is like peanut butter but made from sunflower seeds.)
Also, life is too short to eat anything other than whole milk yogurt (in moderation). What a simple luxury.

2. I Wish my house was all decorated like my massage-therapists business location. So soothing. Not really practical in all rooms, but maybe in some. I dunno.

3. Fall is coming. We have so few fall decorations, but I had better get them out.

That’s it. Super short. But something. Have anything to add to my numbered list? =)


I feel like I should be doing something.
I just had a 1.5+ hour interview on my glass work for a paper, and I suppose I should go do the shopping, I have a few grocery items to get. I updated some web stuff, did some Dolby work….there has to be something…something…..

Ooo. Pack up straws. I will do that, THEN go get the few groceries before getting Derek from preschool.

I just feel like something is hiding out of reach that I need to do and have forgotten.


Today was Derek’s first day of camp. It is ocean themed and it is hosted at his preschool where he will be starting in the fall. I was a helper today (it is a co-op school) and I hope it helps Derek transition to the rest of the week of camp. 4-4 hour days is a lot to ask of him all at once, but I hope he does fine. He had a great day today and really seemed to enjoy himself. He was a little cautious, not shy, just unsure of how things worked on his first day, but he painted a picture and made a drawing and ate a good lunch. Tomorrow I will drop him off and see how it goes.

I am looking forward to time alone, and will get that when preschool starts…but I am sad this phase is ending, our time together everyday…the first years where every day is us all day. Oop. He is awake from nap. =)


And it is raining, still. I know it usually stops by the time we have our annual party, which is the Saturday on or closest after the summer solstice…but it sure is grey a lot, here, still.

The garden loves it, however, and I am not one to complain about free water for my plants. The asparagus is still producing, the spinach has started…the swiss chard is coming up. I hope I get some of these things before it gets too hot…but I will plant more in the fall.

Next year I have to let at least one plot go fallow, it will be sad having less stuff, hmm, maybe I will cram some more plants somewhere else.

We had a lovely past week, with DLJ off for 6 days. Derek had been in the middle of a little potty backslide. It’s his first one. Since I did EC with him for training, he’s been doing #2 in the potty since around 9 months, and was in underwear by his 2nd bday. I had gotten used to it being pretty easy, but all of the sudden he was just NOT going to the potty to pee. At least it was just pee, thank goodness, but still. But we seem to be back on track. So that was the one thing that made the past 1.5 weeks a little frustrating. But we went to Breitenbush Hot Springs and had a great 3 days completely off the grid, everything there is self contained, water for hydro-electric power, geo-thermal for heat….very relaxing. It was overcast but it never rained when we wanted to be outdoors. We all slept wonderfully, with Derek in his own adult sized bed, even, sleeping from night fall until the gong woke us up for breakfast.

My parents are out wandering around Europe on a riverboat, which sounds fabulous. Myself, I am looking forward to having 2 days to myself soon. I think Derek and DLJ will go to visit DLJ’s Mom without me, leaving me here COMPLETELY ALONE with no one to wake me up before 10 am. I might even go out at NIGHT! LATE!

DLJ and I are seeing Imogen Heap in a week or so in Portland, a proper night out.

But DLJ just called saying there is a power outage at his work, plus one at the Vancouver office, so he probably won’t be here for dinner. Sigh. Not sure if I will go ahead and make the salmon, or hold it until Thursday when we will all be home for dinner.

It is so grey out. I think it’s a day to make some decaf once Derek wakes from his nap. We just got our farm milk delivered this morning. It used to be on Wed. at around 6-7 pm, but it was before 10 am this morning! I like this new schedule!

I haven’t made a bead in a few weeks. I am working on a project and sending a tool back and forth to get it just how I want it…but I need to get in there and make something besides straws. I cleaned the studio out yesterday to spic and span, and now it is begging for some creative usage!


A lot of my life is plans right now.

I just finished the yearly really big glass show I do, and it went quite well. Almost as well as last year, within $100 worth in terms of sales. In this still sluggish economy, I’m totally down with doing just as well as the year before.

I think next year, I am ready for my own booth. And the plans for that are already afoot. I’m going to change my work, again, which is always a healthy thing to do, make new things, try new ideas. I’m going to lift my work even higher in terms of overall finished pieces…which will raise prices a bit on some work. But other pieces will stay in a more $40-$80 range, and of course, earrings for even less than that.

So I have a lot of R&D to do…when I have time.

Today someone came out to look at the backyard, as we need a new wall back there to replace the one I helped remove when I was 6 months pregnant, made of railroad ties and full of termites. It will be replaced with stone, and hopefully in the next couple weeks.

Spring is here. While I was gone in AZ the leaves popped and today is a lovely, warm day. I am making soup tonight, Derek is napping and should wake up soon, I want to go out and play in the afternoon sun a little more before I have to come in and cook.

All these plans…some for the next hour, some the next few weeks, some for around this time next year.

It’s fun to make them, even more fun to see them through!

Domestic bliss.

Life is pretty good around here  right now.

Tonight, after Derek goes to sleep, I am going to make this. to eat for dessert tomorrow. I am so busy these days, I don’t cook much to enjoy the process, it’s mostly about a scratch dinner that is also quick to do with a toddler underfoot. So tonight, once he is asleep, I’ll work on this recipe.
DLJ works late every Wed. He goes in right after lunch, and comes home late at night. I really have come to enjoy this arrangement. I get him at home for half a day, once a week. He gets time to work on his projects at work when no one is bugging him during working hours to do something else. I get my “alone” time every week to do what I please, be it work, or just reading, or, like tonight, mindful cooking. The days are getting easier, Derek as a toddler is a challenge, of course, but he is not 100% needing me every moment anymore. I get little breathers here and there to type, or do a quick cleaning chore, or just a moment or two to look out the window and think. It’s nice to finally be here…where my world opens up again.
We are in the middle of a lot of little house projects. Repainting the kitchen and some trim needs to be done, and we selected the color, at least. A back wall in the garden needs to be put back in. Those are the two projects I have for the spring/summer. Part of me wishes for a newer house that doesn’t need as much upkeep as ours. And if I had to do it over, I’d stay strong and wait for one with a more mid-century look than what we purchased. But overall, I do enjoy this house. And I don’t need the house of my dreams for my first house, certainly. Despite the work this house sometimes requires, it does make me feel more like we really live here, but taking care of and improving it. And even though I do get a touch of wisfulness when I visit friends with a more modern, or less-work house…what I have is a less than $700 per month mortgage for over 2k sq. feet, which is plenty of room for all of us, and a low payment that is a locked in amount that brings more peace and ease of living than a house with little work to do.
Next week Derek and I are going to Tucson to see my parents, while DLJ stays home. I know he will miss us, but he will have plenty of time for his projects he never has time for while we are around to distract him, like cleaning the garage and maybe finishing the great toolshed he built out back over the past couple weekends. And we will enjoy the desert weather. It has been raining here a lot, as it should this time of year. I appreciate it, and so do my plants that I don’t have to water every day (yet) but a small break of sun will be great for us.
That’s the news. Slow, and happy, pretty much, in our little corner of the Pacific Northwest.


I forgot. I have to go out to the studio and prep for a demo at the Museum of Contemporary Craft tomorrow. And I need to bring my camera so I can take a photo of my work on exhibit before the show gets taken down in a week or so.

I haven’t played in my studio since before Christmas, I have been so busy and the rain has been relentless. I still love it though, the sound of it on the roof and hitting the lawn outside doesn’t get old. I would like a nice, sunny day, however.

I told Derek today we were going to get some salmon for dinner, and he added, “get bacon, too?” I guess he takes after Dad. I like New Seasons bacon, it has no nitrites in it, but I didn’t have the time to trek over there.

You know,  this quickly turned into  a very boring domestic entry. I actually have a lot going on in my brain right now. I am supposed to go to London in February, a very, VERY short trip. It was short by my decision, so that Derek, who has not been away from me for more than about 10 hours, wouldn’t have to deal with my absence for too long. I could have stayed longer with my friend Thomas, but we are planning a trip specifically to stay with him in the nearish future, and I felt like I couldn’t do that on my own without the family, also a reason for cutting it so short. But now, it’s in upheaval in my head for several reasons. Being away from Derek, being someone who hates flying and cannot sleep on planes then dealing with jet lag, plus being on gig-time while I am there, as I would be helping out and enjoying a very special sold out gig of a very special friend’s…and not have much time to do anything else. Combine that with not having a hope of recovering with a day of sleep when I get home (re: Derek) and  the eco footprint of such a long flight for such a short time, plus United screwed up the schedule and is sending me both there AND back on different flights with different layovers in different cities than I booked with…

I’m still struggling to decide. I know what my gut says, and usually my gut is the “GO GIRL, GO!” type and this time…it’s whispering something else instead of that.

I have a little more time to think on it. Either way, I win, and either way, I lose.

Anyway. I have to get in glass/demo/informal lecture mode now, to teach some folks tomorrow about how fun working with molten glass is!

p.s. BT has a new album coming out! Makes the BT/Dolby tour seem so far away, yet the days on the bus just like yesterday all at the same time. I am very much looking forward to it.

Boycott of Mattel now in progress.

No Mattel in my house. None, after this. Hear that, Mattel? You are BANNED from my child’s home, and I will tell all my fellow Mom friends about this:



Under CPSIA, every manufacturer of children’s products — whether a toy truck, a pacifier, a picture book or a kid-sized stool — must submit their products to independent tests for lead and other chemicals before selling them. Well, all manufacturers except for Mattel, the largest toymaker in America.

A pleasant Halloween

Today I went to an Open House at my friend and massage therapist’s new office. It is SO wonderful. I wish it had been where I was going when I was seeing her regularly a couple years ago. Gorgeous, soothing rooms, wonderful waiting area and couches back in the back of the business that are also comfy. I had a cup of cider and we caught up. I really miss going. It’s a luxury item at the moment, and I do miss it. With my lampwork, and sleeping, my arm was really bothering me when I started going to see her. When I got pregnant, I kept going until the very end. But after Derek was here, no time, no time. I could treat myself now and then, and maybe now I can, now that Derek is able to hang out at home with Dada or even our babysitter up the street. As I left, she popped into the little back office room and came out with a gift certificate for me for a free $30 minute massage from her. I am going to add another $30 onto it and hopefully go right after a holiday, Thanksgiving or Xmas.

It was great to see her, and see how well her business is doing. I strongly rec. her to local women for a massage. She and her hands are fabulous.

We had a good afternoon and evening. I spent some time in the studio working on some new ideas.

Derek is saying all sort of crazy things. “What the heck was that?” “Derek’s big mouth!”

We swear he was also saying “My hot buns” today and I KNOW we have never told him he has hot buns. *boggle*

Lots of kids came to the front door and Derek helped hand out candy. He has never had a single piece, so he didn’t even know what he was giving them. Sweetheart. Next year we will go trick or treating with him. Today he wore his giraffe costume which barely fits. Halloween came just in time.


Not enough time around for all I want to do. It is no one’s fault, no one to blame, but with various illnesses, and other distractions and time sucks, I’m behind. I am behind on my glass straws. I haven’t updated that blog in weeks. Months. I just goofed on a big order and unless the buyer is nice about it, I will maybe break even. It was my own fault for not looking over an alchemy bid on etsy well enough, and as a result she’s getting a FABULOUS deal unless she is understanding about my mistake.

I love making my glass straws, I just wish I had more time. There is a due date for items to be in a local museum in a few days, and I have nothing new for it. I WANT to give them something NEW…very recent…but I may not have time. I have some good stuff in stock…but…

And then I want time alone. Time to just be. But if I take time to just be, I am not taking time to create. And I miss creating. It’s cold now down in the studio, so creating takes a little forethought to turn the heater on. I think I need to make a “Cave night.” Something a friend of mine has. Something another friend calls “bro-ing in.” I need a night to bro-in.” Or I will go mad. And I must create on that night, not sit and do nothing. The sitting and doing nothing should be daytime, during a Derek nap. Fridays were supposed to be that day…but it never happens. Hm.

So, while I would like a pony, I would also like:

A whole day to myself.

A disk cutter (saving up for that.)

Coffee that hasn’t gotten cold by the time I get to it.

An extra day every week to just be with DLJ.

One more REALLY warm day.

Drinking chocolate.

A chasing hammer.


I have some neat news, but it’s not completely sorted out yet. Soon.

But hey! I have a bead in a magazine! The Winter 2010 edition of <i>Bead Unique</i> has one of my focals in it. I am doing a holiday show Dec. 6 downtown in Portland, and it will be nice to have a newer magazine to display with my work. Oy. I need to finish my brochures! Another thing on the list that never ends….