Today it is to get near 100, if not 100. We have no AC. This is normally not  a problem, but when I’m pregnant, it might be a little trying.

I’m under a large ceiling fan right now, having just woke up from a late morning nap ( I have not been sleeping perfectly so I need these to stay sane and non-sleep deprived).

I watered everyone in the garden, have shut all the windows and closed all the blinds. The door to the attic is open for that last place for hot air to escape to. I have water, fans, and will go swimming in the afternoon with a friend to keep cool.

Time to make sure all the cats are in and happy.

I had a midwife appointment yesterday and I’m almost at 35 weeks and doing fine.

=) Sorry I have been so sparse, but I have been just…spending a lot of time alone, since I won’t have it like this…ever again. =)


I know, I have been. I have been busy. Mom came to visit, in-laws arrived the day before she left…

Things have been hectic but should slow down now.  It’s very warm today, a nice day to be not doing much of anything. DLJ took the day off to say goodbye to his parents, now they are gone and it’s too hot to do much until the cool of the evening sashays in.

Time to start making more beads, both for sale now and for inventory the first months with the kidlet around until I figure out how it’s all going to work. I just won’t know until I get there how I will arrange everything…so might as well play now with fire while I can with no one wanting anything from me. It’s almost third trimester time. I am feeling better about being Mom, not that I ever felt BADLY…I’m just adjusting. Less moments of ambivalence….but I do still lament how I am about to lose so much of my alone time, something I really enjoy.

Friday, \/\/00t!

I just cleaned the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, started to refill it, scrubbed the counters down and fed Anais. If I have time later today I will mop the floor in there.

Hopefully I will also sort the recycling and clean off the dining room table.

My roof now is covered in plywood and tar paper. Yesterday the old tile roof and the cedar shake below came down, Monday the new shingles will go up. The guys are supposed to come today to plop in a solatube in the guest bathroom, but they aren’t here yet.

I have a midwife n’ ultrasound appt. around 1 pm. I hope that all goes well and the news is good. This is, hopefully, my last ultrasound that I have.

It’s a cloudy but nice day today, so I will pack up some orders and hopefully also have time to get back in the studio this afternoon after the appointments. I also need to go to the store after the appointments and gather the goodies to make pad thai to take to a friend’s for dinner. I  have never made it myself, but I found a pretty good authentic recipe online that got good reviews, so I will give it a try. I am also going to try to get sticky rice from Uwajimaya to try once again to make coconut rice over the weekend, the chewy stuff you get as desert in Thai restaurants… I love it but never had the right kind of rice at home.

So it’s yet another busy day. I will also level off the soil in the veggie beds, now that they are full, take a photo of the leftover soil to see if a coworker of DLJ’s wants it, and take a walk, hopefully. That might be too much for one day.

One of my yellow onions has started to sprout. Any idea if it will make more onions if I plant it? I know garlic does not… you gotta get garlic specifically as seed garlic….

Administration day

Today seems to be all about cleaning house. I updated my chat lists, removing old folks I don’t talk to anymore. Made some modifications to my friends list on LiveJournal, did some housekeeping at the communities there that I am mod for. I will clean the real house as well today, and I think I will tackle the fridge as well. It’s raining today after two wonderful days of sun and nice weather, where I did a lot of walking, filling glass orders, and getting errands done.

Tomorrow I am going to the Recycled Gardens, which is a nusery type place the next town over. They are a volunteer organization, you can get plants there that have been removed from construction sites or donated to the company. Proceeds go towards spay/neuter programs for pets. I wrote earlier requesting information about volunteering with them, and tomorrow I am going over to see what they need and what I can do. I am looking forward to it as I have wanted a volunteer activity this year, since I work at home and am on my way to being a stay at home Mom, I want a way to contact and communicate and give back to the community since I have the luxury of time to do so. This also ties into my ever-stronger desire to be more simplistic, and involved in community rather than sitting at home watching TV(which I don’t really do, but I can easily be a hermit all week if I am not careful). If it really works out, it is an example I can set for my kid as well in the years to come.

I hope it is a good fit.

I want to walk to the store to get some ingredients to make raspberry chocolate chip cookies (I baked them in a dream a couple nights ago) for DLJ. The rain is rather light right now so with the Australian hat and raincoat, I might be able to make the daily walking trip!

Snow Day, Snow Day

DLJ just got home a little over an hour ago and we went for a walk in the 6″ of snow that fell in our little  neighborhood. We saw dogs, kids, cross country skiers, even a guy on a snowboard being towed around the streets by a car. Lots of snowball fights and snow forts and snowmen. Tomorrow will probably be a day off as well, my town doesn’t have legions of snow plows, so it will likely be another day at home. As far as DLJ is concerned, his job follows whatever the courts do in Portland. Right now, he will have a delayed start at the very least.

Dinner tonight,  I will get to making it in a little while. It’s still light out and pretty with all the snow. I did some prep work for the bead show in Tucson, a little cleaning, a little lunch, shoveled the driveway and front walk, and chatted online with some friends.

I’m tired and not sure what I want to do now. I will probably curl up with some homemade hot cocoa and read my Hirukami book for at least a little while. Hopefully Ankimo will want to come snuggle too. =)