I had a wonderful birthday today. Lots of fun with Derek, and friends from California, and DLJ. I am tired after a late dinner of burgers on the grill. Time to shower and get ready for a fun weekend with Mystarion and Ivy!

Why am I such a lame journaler

I spend all my time posting snippets in livejournal, neglecting this good ol’ domain.

LJ is just so easy….I dunno. If I could get LJ to post over here, all would be perfect.

I am sitting here eating some whole wheat pasta while Derek naps and the laundry spins. It’s a nice Thursday; we took a walk this morning with some other Moms. My friend Mystarion and his wife Ivy are coming to town as it is my birthday tomorrow. Mystarion is very allergic to cats, so they don’t stay with us, but it may be a challenge with Derek, we hang out at home so much now as a result…I don’t want Mystarion miserable in my house. I have to look up when they are arriving tomorrow.

Sax left, he was visiting! Do you longtimers remember Sax? The New Zealand fling? 13 years later he finally showed up to say hi. He made a special trip to Oregon while he was in the United States and we hung out at the Doug Fir Lounge, and my house the next day, before I took him to the airport. It was wonderful to connect again.

Derek is getting teeth like crazy, and is almost 11 months old. He is such a sweet boy. He calls everything “DADA” right now. He speaks long strings of consonants and syllables in his own language. He crawls, stands up, cruises around. He’s a bundle of trouble and joy all at once.

Hopefully it won’t be another month or two before another update. Maybe I should schedule it so I know I do it at least weekly, huh? For all 3 of you left to read?


Another long day by myself…

DLJ is making another day-long trip to Bend, so he won’t be in chat to say hi a lot throughout the day.

Last night was our last birth class, and it was really fun, we had a potluck, and the guys surprised the girls with a foot massage in water. DLJ brought lots of rose petals from our garden and shared them with the guys so all of us pregnant moms-to-be could have rose scented water.

Our teacher is going to try to put together a get together for all of us at the end of summer so we can all see each other again after the babies are here. I hope that happens, you get to know the classmates and want to see how it all turned out for each of them!

I have a lot of beads to send out today, and then I sort of feel like running some errands in Portland proper, but I am not sure yet.

DLJ will be home too late for dinner, so I don’t have to cook tonight other than for myself. Something simple out of the freezer, as I have been spending the week emptying it of old leftovers to make room for frozen meals once the baby comes. One thing we learned last night was a way to make a food wheel to have friends help us with frozen meals. Between that and my mother, who plans to cook extra amounts of things when they arrive at the coast next week, we should have a good amount of easy to heat up food for those first weeks.

So….it’s 8 am. I could get some more sleep, but I think I will save that for a nap later. I guess I will do those errands today and get them out of the way, do some cleaning and get the beads in the mail. Not sure if I will torch today, if not, then definitely tomorrow.

I like my empty space…it’s strange to think it will be gone soon. But I know what fills it will be a wonderful thing indeed…but it’s still strange to think about.

Friday, \/\/00t!

I just cleaned the dishes, emptied the dishwasher, started to refill it, scrubbed the counters down and fed Anais. If I have time later today I will mop the floor in there.

Hopefully I will also sort the recycling and clean off the dining room table.

My roof now is covered in plywood and tar paper. Yesterday the old tile roof and the cedar shake below came down, Monday the new shingles will go up. The guys are supposed to come today to plop in a solatube in the guest bathroom, but they aren’t here yet.

I have a midwife n’ ultrasound appt. around 1 pm. I hope that all goes well and the news is good. This is, hopefully, my last ultrasound that I have.

It’s a cloudy but nice day today, so I will pack up some orders and hopefully also have time to get back in the studio this afternoon after the appointments. I also need to go to the store after the appointments and gather the goodies to make pad thai to take to a friend’s for dinner. I  have never made it myself, but I found a pretty good authentic recipe online that got good reviews, so I will give it a try. I am also going to try to get sticky rice from Uwajimaya to try once again to make coconut rice over the weekend, the chewy stuff you get as desert in Thai restaurants… I love it but never had the right kind of rice at home.

So it’s yet another busy day. I will also level off the soil in the veggie beds, now that they are full, take a photo of the leftover soil to see if a coworker of DLJ’s wants it, and take a walk, hopefully. That might be too much for one day.

One of my yellow onions has started to sprout. Any idea if it will make more onions if I plant it? I know garlic does not… you gotta get garlic specifically as seed garlic….


DLJ finally left work, he had to stay later than usual. We are going out for dinner because we got a gift certificate for flying on Alaska Airline for $20 off. I am hongry!

It’s been raining and chilly all week, keeping me me out of the studio. I have several orders to take care of, so I have to get in there by Monday at the latest. It is a busy weekend so it might not happen before that.

I have been cleaning out my office to make it a room for the Kid. Slowly. We will get it done in time.

I really am wanting Spring to show up with warmer weather. I don’t mind the rain when it’s not so cold. Tomorrow is the SE Portland Artwalk. This year I am not in it, but going to it with DLJ and a friend. I need to focus on the Glass Gallery in May. I am really looking forward to that event, mostly to see all the work of all the other guilds and groups that are the same weekend, the metal guild, the wood guild, the bead society…Cool!

I’m going to go rest until DLJ comes home.


Awake in Austin. I saw a friend, Bernie, from my old Organic days last night. It was very sweet of her, considering she’s due ANY DAY NOW to come out for a coffee. She took me to a great little plays called Jo’s, I feel like I got a little true Austin flavor and a bit of catching up time, which I appreciate greatly.

I had dinner in a rediculously swank sushi place with BT, his band, and other crew folks. We walked there and back, I left early with Trifon, as he was still not in perfect health (neither am I) and I needed to pay the TD crew their per diems.

The bus leaves for the gig in an  hour and a half. I still have my computer on West Coast time, so I keep glancing over my shoulder at the clock on the nightstand.

Tomorrow it’s on to Dallas. The days off have been marvelous, I wish we had more. We only have one more, where we hopefully will visit a tiger sanctuary.

I joined…feel free to friend Lunesse to get cryptic real time updates on where I am. You can see it in my sidebar now.

Sorry this photo is too big for my layout….que sera….

Texas waffles, y'all, in the hotel in Amarillo.


Wow, yesterday was fun and a lot of work.

It was a stormy day, but so many people came out to the holiday sale.
A lot of my friends from work showed, as well as livejournal peeps like synthcat and dstroy. Several of my sales were from friends, which was really kind of them, and it was fun to sell to people I didn’t know! I made a couple good contacts, I have (hopefully) one order that will come in after the fact (I didn’t have the style she liked in purple) and I made over $250, which for my first time out I think is really good. That also means a nice little chunk to go to my hurricane relief charity of choice, which I will take care of later today. I learned a LOT. And thanks to gaaneden for allowing me to put her plate out as display, it made the table sparkle!
I had a limited budget and timeframe to come up with my table, and I know one thing I need is higher risers, more things at eye level. I knew this going in and being there confirmed it. And I need to pull together more of a theme with my table, I want it to be an experience.
But the group and the other artisans were very supportive and nice, and the collective founders said you’d never know it was my first show.

Ah, the bellydance costuming gets a second life! ;)

Now it’s time to organize at home. I spent this past month working on my inventory everywhere, in bed, the floor, the family room. I took the table from the show and set it up in my office, so now I will have a place only to work on the jewelry section of things.
Thanks to everyone who came out, and the good news for all you far away folks, everything that didn’t sell now will be in my online store, opening in a couple weeks. =)
Ok, time to get dressed, plant some bulbs while its actually not raining, make a lasagna, and clean up everything from yesterday.