Off duty

Changed the look of the blog for Fall.
DLJ is downstairs with Derek. My Mom left today to go back to Arizona, it’s amazing how the time has gone. I remember the day they arrived in Oregon, and thinking, when they go home, I will have a baby! And here I am on the other end of that.

Derek is a really good baby. He fusses, all babies do, but so far, no colic, he’s usually pretty happy, and when not, we are getting better at figuring out why. All the stuff I thought I wouldn’t be able to sort out, I am starting to. I know when he’s pooping (it’s kinda cute actually, the look of concern he gets, and the zen face he has when he’s done), DLJ can tell when he’s peed. We usually can calm him down with some whooshing noise, swaddling, and jiggling him on our knee.

Getting up in the night is hard; but I sort of enjoy sitting with him in the dim light looking out the window at the blackness. When I am not so tired I am falling over, that is.

During the day I watch the leaves fall and think about the coming chilly weather. It’s fun to take him out in the Moby, I can do longer walks now and we have the thing down in terms of getting him in it. Even DLJ took a try and looked so cute carrying his son around.

Not all is perfect  here, the hospital bills are bad and I am not sure how we will get to the other side of all the financial things right now. I know we will, but I am one of those “always pay in cash” people, so any sort of debt drives me crazy, and add that to my hormones and any finance tension is very difficult for me right now. I am very bad at asking for help from friends and family, and worse at accepting it unasked; like somehow I am a failure for not being able to dole out several thousand dollars right NOW to pay the bills.

I take it to an extreme, and I know it, but I would rather stress on this side than stress on the side of owing money everywhere and living above my means. Usually, we don’t, but until the hospital bills, property taxes, and 2007 income tax are figured out, it’s going to be hard on my pride.  One step at a time, I know. And cut myself some slack, since I just had major surgery, my body is still going a little nuts (I have lost 30 pounds in the past month), hormones are crazy and  Derek and I are learning about each other, and DLJ and I are trying to help each other out and still get a little alone time in the process. He’s a great Dad. I’d love an hour or so just to snuggle up with him, maybe when Derek goes to sleep next. :p

Our boy.

Administration day

Today seems to be all about cleaning house. I updated my chat lists, removing old folks I don’t talk to anymore. Made some modifications to my friends list on LiveJournal, did some housekeeping at the communities there that I am mod for. I will clean the real house as well today, and I think I will tackle the fridge as well. It’s raining today after two wonderful days of sun and nice weather, where I did a lot of walking, filling glass orders, and getting errands done.

Tomorrow I am going to the Recycled Gardens, which is a nusery type place the next town over. They are a volunteer organization, you can get plants there that have been removed from construction sites or donated to the company. Proceeds go towards spay/neuter programs for pets. I wrote earlier requesting information about volunteering with them, and tomorrow I am going over to see what they need and what I can do. I am looking forward to it as I have wanted a volunteer activity this year, since I work at home and am on my way to being a stay at home Mom, I want a way to contact and communicate and give back to the community since I have the luxury of time to do so. This also ties into my ever-stronger desire to be more simplistic, and involved in community rather than sitting at home watching TV(which I don’t really do, but I can easily be a hermit all week if I am not careful). If it really works out, it is an example I can set for my kid as well in the years to come.

I hope it is a good fit.

I want to walk to the store to get some ingredients to make raspberry chocolate chip cookies (I baked them in a dream a couple nights ago) for DLJ. The rain is rather light right now so with the Australian hat and raincoat, I might be able to make the daily walking trip!

Lurkers unite…

I love you readers. I do.

I had no idea I had lurkers. Which is the point of lurking, I know.

I am a lurker in many places myself. I’m amazed how many of you are old-timers still hanging in there with me. Like the nice guy who brought up the show on ZDTV….that was 1997-98 when I was on that. Amazing.

It’s nice to know you are here, and feel free to going back to your cozy lurking holes. =)

I’ve got pizza dough rising downstairs, but it came out a little funky tonight, not sure how the final product will be. It’s cold out and I need to go out to get some rosemary from the bush for the pizza, I should have done that when it was lighter out. DLJ and I went for a walk to go to an open house, mainly because the house in question is the same model as ours, but they had managed to somehow put a huge master bathroom and walk in closet off the main bedroom, and we were curious. I love seeing my house, decorated and arranged differently. It’s fun!

I went to the studio and scraped my shelf, and brushed on fresh kiln wash, which keeps the glass from sticking. I will make a bunch of pendants tomorrow, I think…or perhaps some bracelet components.

DLJ will be gone Friday and Saturday, gone to MacWorld down in San Francisco. I told him to go have some chips at the Irish Bank for me….I have been craving them lately, and of course, 500 miles away, there is naught I can do. I should have made Dolby take me there at some point around Thanksgiving, or at least, I should have taken myself last Spring when I had a day in the city. But there was so much to do, naked sunbathing and hottubing at Osento, crepes at Ti Couz….so much to eat, so little time.

Seriously though, I am REALLY missing Irish Bank chips BAD.

I sold my old television set and it’s in a nice, new home. Now I just need to get the old vacuum out of here. DLJ fixed the slightly wobbly handle, but I still want to give it away somewhere. Like a church or old folk’s home or somewhere it could really be used. If not, I will just freecycle it, but I dunno…it’s a good little vacuum. I’m just being strange, I guess.

I should be doing laundry. DLJ is watching Battlestar Galactica. If it wasn’t so chilly I would go for a walk. I could do my yoga, I suppose.

Damn you, Irish Bank. Damn you.


Every day before I get up I lie in bed and think about the day’s tasks. Today’s list got  huge somehow, creeping up on my like a quiet snake and rearing a cobra head before I even heard it approach. After putting gas in the Element, today I will:

Plan meals for the week
Go to the office supply store for more envelopes
Go to the hardware store
Go to the bank
Go to the library
Go to the grocery
Go to the pet food store
Wash the car (dusty from the weekend trip out to the Dalles we just came back from, more on that later)
Price out all my pieces and beads to go to the store in Aurora tomorrow
Write out my final contract for store
Send out packages once I have more envelopes
Make dinner
Fire some pieces in the kiln

How did that happen to my day? More than 5 things a day isn’t good, burnout, forgetfulness….can I count all those errands as one thing, errands? ;) Having all those errands at once is a good thing, really, in terms of gas consumption and streamlining car use and energy, but it’s a long list when I look at it on paper! I will probably leave as soon as I can after DLJ, starting with the grocery as I know it’s open earlier than most. I’ll bring a book and hang out in a car for a little if I have to wait for the next store on my list to open.

Sunday Evening….

Books, Papa Murphy’s pizza (we didn’t think ahead and take out some of my frozen homemade dough) and tea. A cosy night.

I’m on Advil for womanly cramps so I don’t know how my arm is doing. Tomorrow I will torch sans pain blockers and see.

I had a lovely time at brunch today with some local women, we go out to eat every now and then. Then a friend from Livejournal came over and she made her first beads. I have never tried to teach anyone to lampwork before…I hope I did well. She had fun, but I hope I imparted information that was helpful.

This weekend is our Halloween getaway with 20+ friends here. Last year I did this and was reading The Tightwad Gazette and dreaming of my job ending. Here I am a year later. The question “what do you do?” is no longer “web designer.” Now it’s “Glass artist and Tour Manager/Whatever is Needed for Thomas Dolby.”

The deal with the universe is going as planned. I make WAY less money than I did a year ago. But all that living I have done in this year! The money thing is tough and it will get tougher before it gets easier. DLJ is so wonderful to support me in all this.

So with Halloween being THIS coming weekend for me, I must work on that costume. That means a trip to used clothing stores and the like this week.

Righty tighty.

I’ve been having issues with my right arm. From discussions with others, it sounds like Tennis Elbow, sort of. But its also up in my forearm. I thought it was lampworking, now I am not so sure. When I sleep, I curl up, all the way to my hands. My wrists bend in and I curl my hands towards my arms. My massage therapist told me to try to open up, but it is VERY hard. I have a body pillow I do not sleep with, DLJ and I share a queen bed and with three cats….well, it’s already crowded. But I might try tonight if I can make it work, something to distract my hands from curling inwards. It hurts all the time to extend my arm out straight…not good. Opening jars is hard.

Yet I press on, because I must.

Golden Wheat

I leave Thursday for Boulder. Some of the airlines I am on have a place to donate money to offset ecological impacts of flying, but not all my flights do that. Is there a general place to do this for all flights? A way to give money to offset all this flying?

I feel hesitant about all the gas used in the tour bus as well, this December…but it will carry a bunch of us around at least….it sleeps 12.


Ground coffee. INHAAAAALE.


ps. I am slow at moderating my comments. If you write and don’t see them, do check back, I do eventually get around to it, and then I feel better cause folks actually appear to be reading me. ;)

Wrapping it up in the sun.

A pizza is in the oven. I didn’t have time to make my own dough today, so it’s a Papa Murphy’s, a good compromise. Today we went to a strawberry social at the local nursery and brought home 2 plants for the small water garden and a marvelous fragrant plant which DLJ put next to the deck. We took our friend Synthcat with us to the event, where we had local strawberries in strawberry shortcake while sitting on hay bales, listened to music and strolled around looking at plants.

I cleaned up in the studio and worked on a larger piece I am starting up, as well as working on some drink coasters to take out to the coast when I go visit my parents soon.

We also got some ladybugs to release, 1,500 of them and we are waiting until it is closer to twilight, the recommended time to release them.

Then I will work on my book, read, relax. Tomorrow is a busy day, afterall.

But it’s yet again another Monday that causes no Sunday night dread. No office calls to me, only my glass. I sent out an auction yesterday and need to put some more up. I will work on my large project and finally get my work combined to go to Japan. I do have some webwork to take care of, but not that much, a few hours at most.

If it is a nice morning I will sit outside and drink coffee before watering the garden.

Life, she is good.

I need to change the Work category in this blog to “Work.” ;)

Summer lawns

I am back from an evening walk with DLJ. We often walk in the evenings. Tonight was very summery…warm, beautiful evening sky. Nights like this almost hurt, I can remember them in New Jersey. The climate here is so close to Jersey, it’s almost the same. I can almost feel being a kid again, bones and muscles so new, the night air, the promise of a million things not yet done.

It’s a sort of sadness, to have so much done. So many questions answered. Who I married, where I live. Of course, the fates can always intervene and keep me guessing… but I miss the possibilities of summer nights as a kid.

But there are no lightning bugs here, which keeps the ache at bay.