Crying over BT

Each night I try to catch one of BT’s songs at least.

I am remiss here on catching up on my life. I am on the road with Thomas Dolby and BT right now. We just wrapped up night #4. Since I spend most time at merch, I sit there during the TD set and take a break during BT. But a break for me usually means dealing with my assistant tour manager duties. With two bands, it’s a bigger job than I could do as a newbie tour manager, I am happy to just assist.

Tonight our show was Tucson. My parents came, which was terrific. It was so great to see them, and for them to see what this slice of my life has been like. They came on the tour bus and Dad helped me with some Excel formulas, and took me on a few errands I wanted to run.

They stayed through all of Dolby’s set, and even about 15 minutes of BT. These are two folks in their 60’s, and it was a late night. After they left I went to the bus and did a little paperwork, amd went back to try to catch a song.
I watched one called “Good Morning, Kaia”
Kaia is his daughter, she was here for a couple days on the bus
she is 2 this song was so beautiful and the video was so powerful to me I started crying. Now I was out at merch during this,
but the room was empty and I knew there was one more song after.
I had no idea it was going to affect me that way so I m sitting there
trying to get it together and Brian’s pedalboard fucked up.
They didn’t play the last song so like… 3 mimnutes later
someone is standing next to me and its BT. Since the last song bombed I figured he came out to see the fans.
And he has this look on his face when he sees me and he said later he was thinking
“What happened? Who hurt you? Who yelled at you? Let me at ‘em!”
And of course there’s like 50 people now because he’s out there
so I start crying again telling him how wonderful it was.
And he hugs me and then I turn to everyone and say
“If it makes the merch chick cry, it’s gotta be good”
Oy. He’s out getting late night dinner and a small sandwich for me.

I guess I became a BT fan tonight. I feel very fortunate to get to know this man now, who makes such wonderful things.

It’s like summer camp.

You look forward to going, yet you don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave DLJ, my cats, my home, my glass, my life. I could get so much done in the weeks I will be gone…so much time lost that could have been with friends, family, pets. Christmas for me will have no buildup this year, no time at home in December until maybe even after Christmas.

On the other hand, what an adventure! Touring! Music! Travel, seeing new cities and towns, supporting one of my best friends, living in a tour bus, having a crazy experience that is definitely out of the ordinary.

My heart is torn and twisted over it. Partially because I am so damn tired right now. Overworked. I want to spend time with DLJ but I sit here working, while he sits waiting for me as the time stretches out. Our clock is counting down now to when we must split apart for a month. He might come to the show in New Orleans, but it’s uncertain, it took so long for the dates to be finalized for that show…it might be too late. Seeing him in the middle would make such a difference.

I know, true to my fashion, once I say goodbye and am on the bus on my way, I will be fine. Feelings of missing family and home will always be there, and will get stronger by the middle of the third week.

I want it to start and I want it to end and I want it to go on forever all at the same time. But I always miss people and places the most right beforeĀ  I leave them, so in some ways, this is the hardest time of all.

Seeing friends along the way will really help. REALLY help. I will see my parents at least…maybe an old friend or two on the East Coast….


I wish I could take my studio with me.

I had an interview Friday for a newspaper, and a photographer is supposed to stop by. They only have two days to do so!

Venice drowning

I just walked to Venice Beach and back. To escape the bullshit, I dove into the bullshit.

If that makes any sense.

I go back home tonight, then just a handful of days home before going to the Bay Area for thanksgiving….then back on tour.

Somehow….I wish it was Christmas already. Being away from home so much kinda is hard. I’m getting sick too. I think it’s just being out of energy. But I knew it was going to be full blast till around Valentine’s Day. I think the tour will the the biggest hill to get over…but also, hopefully, the most fun.

I sat in an organic coffeehouse today and did NOTHING.

Sold a bead to a guy I met while sitting there. So I guess I did something. But nothing tour or work related at all.

Righty tighty.

I’ve been having issues with my right arm. From discussions with others, it sounds like Tennis Elbow, sort of. But its also up in my forearm. I thought it was lampworking, now I am not so sure. When I sleep, I curl up, all the way to my hands. My wrists bend in and I curl my hands towards my arms. My massage therapist told me to try to open up, but it is VERY hard. I have a body pillow I do not sleep with, DLJ and I share a queen bed and with three cats….well, it’s already crowded. But I might try tonight if I can make it work, something to distract my hands from curling inwards. It hurts all the time to extend my arm out straight…not good. Opening jars is hard.

Yet I press on, because I must.

Golden Wheat

I leave Thursday for Boulder. Some of the airlines I am on have a place to donate money to offset ecological impacts of flying, but not all my flights do that. Is there a general place to do this for all flights? A way to give money to offset all this flying?

I feel hesitant about all the gas used in the tour bus as well, this December…but it will carry a bunch of us around at least….it sleeps 12.

Happy Anniversary

Today is DLJ and my 6th wedding anniversary. That means we have been together about 8 years total! So long…but it has gone by so quickly.

We will go for a bicycle ride today and then out to a nice dinner tonight. Tomorrow we both get up early and he takes me to the airport for my Dolby Mini Tour. It’s just four gigs and I will be back home next Saturday. I am nervous about flying but just trying to stay positive about it. It will be good to see my east coast friends, drive right by my college (meeeeemories,nostaaaaaaalgia) and watch Thomas perform.

When I get home, we have a trip to the coast so I can restock my stuff at the coffee roastery and I will make a bracelet for a client (g.l. the leather way of doing things should make it snug enough that it won’t move around, hard without an exact measurement, but we can work at it till it works! =)

And make more beads. And try to make a marble that doesn’t fall on me or the ground.

It’s very lovely and sunny today. So soon we will have that ride and enjoy our anniversary together.

I haven’t put up beads for awhile. I have been making a LOT for the show in Tucson…but not so good with the photos. Let’s see…

this is not the best photo….I love these beads but they are very wierd. I could make them all day but…honestly, would they sell? ;)



A large cement mixer has shown up next door, where the neighbor is installing a new driveway. At our block party, we played cribbage and he encouraged me to ask him to play again. I have wanted to but actually feel thwarted by the rebar, gravel and men with tools to cross the moat of the developing driveway. Also, their cars have not been around at all so I don’t know if they are even here.

Next week is the one-week Dolby mini tour. A lot of flying for less than a week away, but I’ll do it, by gum. I wish teleportation was figured out, I do not know why flying bothers me so,but it does and I dislike that almost as much as I dislike planes. I’m going on tour with Thomas Dolby! How cool is that? Instead I just wish for the wheels to be touched down back in Portland already, and that is no way to really live a life.

I redid and it needs some more tweaking, some old pages still need to get into the new format. But it’s looking better. I started a small blog over there, too, there is nothing in it yet. I have too many blogs. But these days it is a good market tool to have one…so I will try to write twice a week in there strictly about my art.

Today I have a letter to write, two orders to get in the mail, a draft of a letter to a store that wants to carry my beads and consign my jewelry, and of course, time in the studio. I will get dinner going in a crockpot around 11, and I need to start getting a nice itinerary done for the tour for the crew. That’s enough for a day, don’tĀ  you think? I should clean my bathroom as well.


Ok, not really, but it feels like it. I have so much on my plate. One step at a time.

*big breath*

I got my second article into The Annealer Magazine for editing, so that’s done.
I finished a large commission today, a necklace and bracelet that are full of beads all the way around. Phew! I will have pictures soon.

My contest entry at Etsy is completed, photographed, posted.

My entry into the e-merge contest at Bullseye is completed and submitted.

I’ve started booking flights for the first week of the Dolby tour in Sept.

I had a mild crisis of sorts yesterday, so much to do and not wanting to deal with it all. The tour will eat up so much time. I know I will have fun and get paid and such but I will miss DLJ, miss the cats, miss the torch, and now, miss time to create inventory for…..

The 2007 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, which is also an incredibly LARGE bead show. I have been invited to be there as an exhibitor. Since I made a rule with myself to try to only participate in things that are juried, I accepted. I didn’t apply, they found me.

This far, out, I do have time to make inventory, but all of Nov. will be gone, and half Dec. Prime bead making time. I just have to suck it up and keep moving. But it kind of drives me crazy when I think of all the work involved with everything I have my hands in, at once. While still trying to be a good wife.

I have a small glass show tomorrow. I am supposed to do one mid-Sept. but I think I have to let it go if I want to stay sane. I will take care of that today. I also need to mail off the above necklace and bracelet and ship something to Japan. Japan! That’s the other thing. My stuff will be sold in Japan through an online department store of sorts. A Japanese version of is being built. So there’s THAT, too.

*pant, pant pant*


Nevermind. Look at the pretties, erase my brain.


art day

I am out at the Oregon coast today, I have been since driving out on Monday. It was a nice drive, fleeing the heat, on a late Monday morning, getting closer and closer to the blue skyline of mountains that lay in front of me. Mom and I will go out to day to a pottery and glass place nearby, and a local organic farm. We all just walked back from a local coffee place, and I am very excited, they agreed to sell some of my glass jewelry there! It’s a small place, but they do show a lot of local artists, and will open a second store/roastery soon, so I am thrilled to see how my stuff works in the small store. I will bring some of my plates and bowls and coasters too, for him to see, but I will be selling just the jewelry this time around. How exciting!

We saw so many whales yesterday, they are doing more than just surfacing and blowing, they are laying on their sides waving flippers out of the water.

DLJ is getting his brain expanded in California. I miss him, but am glad he is taking a Filemaker Pro class to better his knowledge. I wish his company would let him do more of that. He will be home on Saturday. Tomorrow I go home back towards Portland, and have dinner with someone on my favorite discussion list that I have been on since 1995. Friday is the Japanese Garden party in Portland, and I very much am looking forward to that event.

Then I will start getting my things planned, made, and selected to bring back out here in the next two weeks.


Today is a camping day! DLJ and I took some time off for July to go, but we are going today with our friends J and B. J and B were on tour with me, and they are staying with us while they figure out what they are doing next. They will go to NYC/Spain/England for a month-ish to help out some friends, and J will work on Dolby’s NYC and England show dates. We will watch some of their stuff while they are gone.
So today we are going to drive out to Bagby Hot Springs. J and B are going first, I will pick up DLJ from work and then we will follow. Camping! So what if it is raining/cloudy! We have a small canopy and tents and we will be just fine. I am looking forward to a couple days away with friends, and Bagby looks quite nice. I think it will be really good for DLJ, too. Next week the guys come back to re-dig up the side of the yard for the third time, I will be making glass and painting, and writing. It’s sure good to have my computer back.

Oh for the deck, a drink, a cat, and DLJ

Not long now. It’s the 21st. I will be home the evening of the 25th. I have had a grand time. I really do miss home. I miss DLJ so much. I like having small chunks of time apart from him, I think it’s good for us to recharge our appreciation for each other by being apart. But it’s been a long time. Yet it feels like a snap of time as well. May 2 until today. Really not that long. But so much has happened, so many places, people, miles, hotels…
A few nights ago we had a video date on iChat and he was sitting outside in the backyard. It was very hot there. I missed it all, the darkening sky, the cats, the air in the evening. I miss my glass. I miss my focus, but it’s been good to visit other towns and gather inspiration and ideas. I only hope that my glass mojo returns to me when I return home. I have to go to Bullseye and get a quickie tutorial from Bonnie, see what new colors there are, and dive back in.
I also have to finish recording all the numbers for this tour, moving things around on the website, and starting up a new website for a new client. I need to repaint the living room and start getting ready for our 2nd annual summer party.
But all of this will be at home. HOME. A Cancer away from home is a Cancer without a shell. I’m an experience junkie, and it is worth it for me to leave my shell now and again, but oh, does it EVER feel good to get back home to my garden, my pets, and most of all, my sweetheart. Not long now, life, I’m coming back soon.