The news

The good news:

I just scored 2 Dead Can Dance tix for Seattle on the internet presale.

The bad news:
I screwed up and somehow bought for the Sunday show in September, not the Saturday one.

The result:
Emailed ticketmaster to see if they will switch me over to Saturday's show. But even if not, we's goin' to see Dead Can Dance! =)

And finally get our asses in Seattle. Maybe we go up Saturday and stay with pals, see friends, either way. And then Sunday night, if that remains the night, we just haul ass home and face work. It'll be so collegiate for our old asses.

It was supposed to rain today! Lies! Where is my RAIN? Stupid weather.
Last night I made a bunch of beads, an ok day. If I don't get that Xacto knife, ruler and straight edge soon I will go maaaaad, I tell you.

Tonight I'm off to a client's house to start on a simple website. It should be relatively easy, it's just for a neighborhood association, building a newsletter and community site. I'm creating it with a blog so that they can update it itself without much help from me once I've finished designing and building it.

Last night DLJ and I tried the new gym schedule with much success. Dinner, his commute home and gym just haven't been working on the old schedule, we tried me meeting him there, but … it just doesn't work, we both end up starving in the middle of the workout and end up eating out, which we don't like to have to do when we work out. So now, dinner is as usual, we wait an hour or so, and go to the gym around 8:30 or so, getting back home by 10. It's a little odd for us, but it seemed to work, and I conked out like a light by 11!

Our copper fire pit arrived yesterday, and now DLJ is tracking down where a friend of his gets wood. We won't need much,I guess we need to build a simple wood shelf under the eaves by the studio, perhaps, to try to keep our small pile dry. It will go right next to where the rainbarrels will be. Those are being ordered this morning. The garbage cans by the studio now will become soil holder cans, and be part of the garden bench DLJ plans to build on the other side of the fence gate in the backyard. Man, we are a bunch of busy beavers. But it's nice how one project leads to the next. Barrels to move the cans to push the start of the garden bench. Clearing the ivy to have a place to put the old soil from the railroad tie planter and temporary manure storage if needed. Removing the heather to have a place for the manure for the marionberry vine. Clearing out the old planter will have us ready for the large project of the new extended rock-walled planter and water feature. Oh, will we be busy. Plus we have to treat the deck once it warms up a little more. Of course, then it probably WILL rain.

I shouldn't list all this stuff out like that, it looks impossible. Let's stick with the rainbarrel installation and ivy and heather removal for now. =)

If anyone local WANTS some lovely heather plants, let me know. We have 4 clumps, 2 each of white flowers and purple flowers.

<img src="">
Back center of this photo is the heather, behind the trees trunks you see in the midde. It is all green in this shot. Gives you an idea, divide into 4ths as far as color clumps are concerned. They will be out of the ground this Saturday. Come by and get them this weekend. =)

toesies in the posies

I went for my daily walk in the sunny, warm weather. I stopped halfway and sat on a warmed brick wall, removed socks and shoes, and had my first barefoot love of the year. It is WAY too early for this. But it felt so niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.

wine and weeds

last night I fired eight pendants, 3 came out excellent, 1 was a bomb, 2 were "ok" but not good enough for anyone else, and the other two were fine. I need to do some research on wire. Sometimes it behaves how I want, or, rather, the glass behaves around it how I want, others, not so much. I brought in my pieces and I will visit the local glass guru here at work, who has become a friend, and see if she has any experience and knowledge to dispense.

Yesterday was the first day it was colder in my studio than outside. This will be great all spring, summer and early fall. After things were cookin' I fetched a bottle of merlot and a red wine glass, opened it and sat in the back yard watching the clouds from my bench.

After awhile I got up and moved to the front yard. The maple in front dropped lots of whirlybirds last fall, there were over twenty seedlings poking up out of the ground under the tree and next to the driveway. Wineglass in one hand, I pulled weeds with the other. Ah.

Knights of the Old Republic is enjoyable, but being bad is so hard! I could have retrieved an old droid but instead I just had its memory core ripped out, in true bad-girl fashion, saving me money, who cares, it's just a droid. My droid in my group was unhappy that I lobotomized a fellow droid, It made sad noises at my decision. My heart hurt! I want to see the evil outcomes, to enjoy all of this game, but I hate being bad when they make it hard! I don't have to do anything I don't want to, but….I do want to see what happens when bad. Human interactions never bother me, it's always the droids and aliens. I have started a good character to retreat to when it gets to me too much.


Things this week:

clothes and books donation to Arc on March 10th.

Thinking of selling my guitar. I'd like to know how much it's worth first, just to price it fairly. Luckily, a friend with a gig tonight knows an owner of a music store is coming to see the show. I gave him the make and model. I paid over $300 for it in Greenwich Village, in NYC in 1988. God, that sounds so cool, doesn't it. *snort*

I could play many Bowie songs (including Rock and Roll Suicide, yeeaaaaaaaaaaah) and Ordinary World. And all sorts of stupid opening riffs from bands like Cinderella. But I haven't played in over six years. It should get played.

Rain barrels, most likely.


Sunny rounds

Lots of clashing viewpoints and inputs today. The brightness of the sun. The sharp tang of chill in the air. The sweetness of the birds. The post-9/11 thoughts of Duran's "Point of No Return."

Today is a push day, stuff of mine going up live. It used to be Tuesdays and Thursdays but I changed that; it was a good change though it starts the week with mild pressure to get stuff QA'd and up without a hitch. On the other hand it's done by 2:30 pm, and the bulk of the week is development time until Thursday.

Lunch was a small salad with peas, walnuts, shredded cheese and red wine vinegar. I might have fruit salad later.

Last night I laid out 5 pendants, 2 more tonight then I will pop it in to cook for the night. Hopefully I can get that started soon as I get home, meaning a little time outside in the magic hour on the deck, before dinner. DLJ made a great Italian sausage soup on Saturday with the parnips, carrots and onions from our veggie box, and there's so much leftover, half is already frozen for later.

I have nothing of depth to say. Deep things are all circling like seagulls, but they will remain only in the airspace of my head for now.

Good weekend

It started with my going into the city Friday to see DLJ's office and have dinner. On the way there, <a href="">Thomas</a> and I text messaged back and forth a little. I don't do text messaging that much, I guess it is where I have become "old." So I messaged him that "I am the schiznit." It took me a couple minutes; I am sure some lightning fast 13-year-old would have had it done in ten seconds. Somehow I missed his voice call during dinner, so he left a message. I have yet to call back, I am a bad long distance friend.

Dinner was tasty, and started the weekend right. Saturday we woke up and DLJ made pancakes and coffee, and we munched on breakfast before going to the member tour at the Japanese Garden. We learned lots about the place we hadn't known before, giggled at the ornery member who kept being "very upset" and "critically unhappy" about certain things that weren't authentic and aesthetically pleasing enough. He'd never been to Japan, by the way. Two, he wore sweat pants tucked into tube socks. Aesthetics. Dude.

I saw one of my glass teachers there wandering the grounds, she complimented me on my blue heart necklace. =)
We wandered around 23rd street after that, a quick bite at a deli and then a stop at a gardening store on the way home to get some mulch and a few plants for containers. Hyacinths were on fat sale, yay.

I planted those when we got home, before the sun faded.

Today we walked all over with friends at the SE Artwalk, but more about that later. I am making cupcakes and must go check on them.