Thank you, NPR.

I had this slight beef with the local NPR station, OPB. Every morning between 9 and 11 was “Performance Today,” which is classical music. I like classical music. But every day, two hours of it when I am revving up in the glass studio, not so much. Two hours of something that not everyone listens to. Classical music reminds me of days spent at my Grandmother’s little retirement village, where on my walks I met this older woman who let me come over and make things out of clay, I made a belt with a loom and pattern cards she helped me make out of the bottom of milk cartons. I was maybe 9 or 10…and she always had classical music on. I think her name was Mrs. Weaver.

But….classical is NOT where I am at in my own art these days. If my iPod was dead, classical it was.

A couple days ago I was driving in Portland and it was early morning and you guessed it, Performance Today. The only extra added interest I had was that they had folks live in Studio 4a, which they often do…but now I have actually BEEN to Studio 4a, as that is where Dolby recorded his bit for Weekend Edition…so that was lovely.

But then! They said there will be a new show on NPR, a worldwide discussion, starting mid January, at 10 am!

SWEET! One hour of classical, I’m all for that. I’m delighted. Like I said, classical is great, but two hours during my productive work time? A little overkill.


Year’s End.

Almost the end of 2006, and it looks like it will end nicely for us. We are seeing Pink Martini at the Schnitz on NYE, just like last year. DLJ got a raise and a bonus today, which is wonderful. He’s finally making somewhere in the ballpark of what he should be for all the work he does.

It has been really nice to be home. I have some glass cooking in the kiln, I need to clean up the bedroom, but the cats are happy to see me and it is wonderful to be back in my own bed, home, and neighborhood. Cooking is enjoyable, sleeping is grand and DLJ have been taking nightly walks so that we can see the holiday lights together before folks start taking them down. Being gone for the Christmas season kinda sucked, in many ways. The tour was excellent and I am glad I did it, but I wish it hadn’t been all of Dec. up until the 24th.

Tonight we will celebrate DLJ’s raise. =)

Standing behind the merch area at Sonar, Baltimore, MD. Thomas is playing “The Flat Earth.” I have seen more than 50 Thomas Dolby concerts. Oh, that it were true for Duran Duran!

I’m ready to go home. It’s been an intense tour, only a month long, but 27 days and 24 gigs is extremely difficult. When I get home, it’s not even really “home,” but direct to the coast for the holidays with my parents. I will finally really returnĀ  home on the 26th or 27th, more than a month after I left. Kitties. Bed. DLJ.

New Years. We are planning to go to see Pink Martini at the Schnitz. This is what we did last year as well, and it’s a great way to end one year and start the next one.

I will miss tour life, but I am eager to get home to my real life, loves and days in Oregon. But with me I will have new friends. I am certain I will stay in touch with Hurdy Gurdy Ben, and perhaps even BT. One or two friends out of a bus crammed with 12 souls…works for me!

We have a new driver tonight, as our old one had previous holiday plans. He was a tad grumpy with us, but a REALLY amazing driver. You are trusting your driver with your life, as much as he nagged us, I will miss him as a driver, familiar with his ways of moving and trusting in his ability.

3 more nights on the bus. 4 more nights away from DLJ.

Leaving Palm Trees

We did it! 12 shows in 12 nights! Tonight we partay! It was a LOT of work for everyone. Tomorrow we have the day off and we will be in Columbia, S.C. Hotels! Laundry! No work!

Then it’s on to Virginia, and five more shows, before I get to go home. I’m having a good time but I really want to see DLJ and have a holiday with my parents. It’s been quite a trip. I think I have made some good friends on this tour, and I really hope to stay in touch with them. I think I will with at least one, Hurdy Gurdy Ben, as I have called him.

BT and Dolby have left the bus for a day or two, with interviews and such they are flying on ahead. This equals the mice will play while the cats are away. =)

Almost normal.

I’m sitting on a bed. In a heated room. In a loft. With a latop. It’s almost like real life. No bus, no venue. I’m waiting for UPS to show up so I can move some merch boxes from here, Houston, Texas, to Atlanta Georgia. The loft belongs to Bree and Johnny, my friends in conspiracy from the Spring tour. Johnny will be rejoining us in Florida. Bree is at work, and after she, Thomas, Craig (the terrific Johnny substitute) and I had great pho at a place Bree enjoys, they let me here to wait. I will catch a cab back to the venue once my work here is done. I took a real, hot shower, and am now relaxing in this wonderful loft space. The local metro trains are right outside… yet the walls and windows are so solid, even through these French doors where I can see the trains, I cannot hear them.

Dallas was fun. I had a crazy evening I might write about later. It ended in typical nerd fashion watching “Some Kind of Wonderful” at 5 am. I still love our tour bus, and the crew, so much for being the type of group we are.

Crying over BT

Each night I try to catch one of BT’s songs at least.

I am remiss here on catching up on my life. I am on the road with Thomas Dolby and BT right now. We just wrapped up night #4. Since I spend most time at merch, I sit there during the TD set and take a break during BT. But a break for me usually means dealing with my assistant tour manager duties. With two bands, it’s a bigger job than I could do as a newbie tour manager, I am happy to just assist.

Tonight our show was Tucson. My parents came, which was terrific. It was so great to see them, and for them to see what this slice of my life has been like. They came on the tour bus and Dad helped me with some Excel formulas, and took me on a few errands I wanted to run.

They stayed through all of Dolby’s set, and even about 15 minutes of BT. These are two folks in their 60’s, and it was a late night. After they left I went to the bus and did a little paperwork, amd went back to try to catch a song.
I watched one called “Good Morning, Kaia”
Kaia is his daughter, she was here for a couple days on the bus
she is 2 this song was so beautiful and the video was so powerful to me I started crying. Now I was out at merch during this,
but the room was empty and I knew there was one more song after.
I had no idea it was going to affect me that way so I m sitting there
trying to get it together and Brian’s pedalboard fucked up.
They didn’t play the last song so like… 3 mimnutes later
someone is standing next to me and its BT. Since the last song bombed I figured he came out to see the fans.
And he has this look on his face when he sees me and he said later he was thinking
“What happened? Who hurt you? Who yelled at you? Let me at ‘em!”
And of course there’s like 50 people now because he’s out there
so I start crying again telling him how wonderful it was.
And he hugs me and then I turn to everyone and say
“If it makes the merch chick cry, it’s gotta be good”
Oy. He’s out getting late night dinner and a small sandwich for me.

I guess I became a BT fan tonight. I feel very fortunate to get to know this man now, who makes such wonderful things.

Venice drowning

I just walked to Venice Beach and back. To escape the bullshit, I dove into the bullshit.

If that makes any sense.

I go back home tonight, then just a handful of days home before going to the Bay Area for thanksgiving….then back on tour.

Somehow….I wish it was Christmas already. Being away from home so much kinda is hard. I’m getting sick too. I think it’s just being out of energy. But I knew it was going to be full blast till around Valentine’s Day. I think the tour will the the biggest hill to get over…but also, hopefully, the most fun.

I sat in an organic coffeehouse today and did NOTHING.

Sold a bead to a guy I met while sitting there. So I guess I did something. But nothing tour or work related at all.

Grr. Head hurts.

The leak is back in the house. Very small, but it’s there. We will prevail but it has been almost a year now, seriously, that we have not had the downstairs room. Previous owners deny responsibility, even with our photos of them hiding the damage behind furniture, then moving boxes, and lying on the disclosure form. We can’t go after them till it fixed and we know the final fees paid to fix it.

It is very discouraging. Work on the Dolby Tour is ramping up as well, I have lots to do before we leave. With an overnight gig in between the long tour and now, and so much work to be done. I am busy today with errands and clients for my glass but tomorrow, other than studio hours, I hope to bang out a lot of work for him.

My artist friend, Dom, who did the tour shirts and poster in the spring in France drew me something funny:

That’s the state of things today, indeed! That was excellent though, it made my day to have someone thinking of me and taking a little effort like that. Friends are good, even when far, far away.

Galaxy Blue

I want to make more like this, today instead I was fusing a comissioned piece and trying to fix some fires…now the piece is cooling, the fires are merely smoking….but it’s too late so tomorrow….

Galaxy Blue


Every day before I get up I lie in bed and think about the day’s tasks. Today’s list gotĀ  huge somehow, creeping up on my like a quiet snake and rearing a cobra head before I even heard it approach. After putting gas in the Element, today I will:

Plan meals for the week
Go to the office supply store for more envelopes
Go to the hardware store
Go to the bank
Go to the library
Go to the grocery
Go to the pet food store
Wash the car (dusty from the weekend trip out to the Dalles we just came back from, more on that later)
Price out all my pieces and beads to go to the store in Aurora tomorrow
Write out my final contract for store
Send out packages once I have more envelopes
Make dinner
Fire some pieces in the kiln

How did that happen to my day? More than 5 things a day isn’t good, burnout, forgetfulness….can I count all those errands as one thing, errands? ;) Having all those errands at once is a good thing, really, in terms of gas consumption and streamlining car use and energy, but it’s a long list when I look at it on paper! I will probably leave as soon as I can after DLJ, starting with the grocery as I know it’s open earlier than most. I’ll bring a book and hang out in a car for a little if I have to wait for the next store on my list to open.