It’s been so long…

my harddrive died. I have had no computer since May 4 in NYC. I try to sneak into business centers in hotels and use TD’s computer whenever I can, but all my mail is webmail as a result, with no spam filters. I get so much spam at my lunesse address simply because it is so old, and without filters….ew. It’s been hard to be a tour manager without the puter, but I have been managing. Today was a small day of communication breakdown, however. Here in Milwaukee, WI, the hotel didn’t have our reservation, the club thought soundcheck was an hour before doors, and the new hotel didn’t give us the right address. Clearly, I am not meant to communicate well here. The hotel we are in is TRIPPY. Old. Like an old apartment building from another era. The telephone receiver was upsidown in the cradle. TD says it’s a Masonic sign and we best not mess with it. ;) Two shows here, then off to St. Paul, Minnesota. Another state I have never been to before. This week I have been to the following states I have not been to before: Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin. Next week we will drive thru Nebraska, adding one more to the list.

One week and I am back home with DLJ. I can’t wait. This tour has been an amazing experience, but I sure do miss home.

East Coast, here I come

Way earlier than I want. I would kill for 3 days to just do nothing. This whole week was completely outer limits busy, the “days off” between tour legs. I mean I am exhausted, brain dead busy. Crying to let off stress busy. BUSY. And I am still buried, though we are making an organized plan of it so I am feeing better in some ways. It’s still fun, don’t misunderstand, but it’s a LOT of work for me. The work of many folks on one pair of shoulders. I’m drained.

I still have a lot to do before that plane takes off tomorrow. Plane. LeSigh.

Making bunches of dinners for DLJ, packing, weeding, trying to finish jewelry, laundry, should make a few hotel reservations, and SPEND TIME WITH DLJ. I have been home for 10 days and it doesn’t feel like it. Home but not home.

When it gets bad, I just remember that it’s over in less than a month. Sure, there will still be a lot to do after…but not like THIS. And everything that happens…is good for the book. That’s my mantra when eyeball deep in stress and lists of things to do. Just like “ball bearings and updrafts” is my mantra on the plane when it bounces all over.

Still. It’s exciting. New cities, old haunts, a few old friends and some new ones. I’m looking forward to seeing the crew again. I made us all official laminates as a momento and to wear so we look cool. :p

Most important tonight is DLJ, resting, sleeping, and getting my music in order. Thousands of car miles ahead of us.

There’s a man on the roof.

It’s almost Dolby tour time! I’m still booking hotels a smidge but the west leg is done. I’ve started making the advance calls to the clubs, to make sure everything is running ok and everyone has the info they need. More of that tomorrow. That’s probably how I will spend most of tomorrow. I want to try to escape to the metal studio before I leave for LA but…well, at least I will have class Tuesday night.

We found the problem. Not huge to fix, DLJ has already made some good changes, but we might need someone to finish it off. There’s a vent thingy that should slope down along with the roof, but however they tried to stick it before, it came off, so the metal square sticks straight out, even a little up. So rain collects and flows backwards. Because it is a tile roof, can’t nail it down. Still. Now we have to clean up that section on the inside of the house, and make sure the problem is completely solved soon.

But it is sealed better now.

I got a little wacked in my last entry, but it’s a lot to think about right now. Thomas’ tour starts in less than 4 days. I’ve started packing for this first leg. I need to figure how I am going to get to the airport. I’m going to have to bum around Disney for part of the day until the House of Blues will let me in. I will have all my stuff and it’s too far to get out to Malibu where we are staying, so…ya, me and my luggage at Disney. I still need a good clipboard I can’t find one! Everything I find is crappy plastic! I need to print out some organization forms I have made. I’m still waiting on some website stuff. All that plus the roof leak and the finishing of the previous remodel and getting ready to deal with the legal stuff there, plus my own business and then the whole kid thing. Yeah. I got a little bent.

Friday I went out to CDBaby to grab some more receipts. That was fun, to see what CDBaby looks like. One. Huge. Warehouse.

I can’t wait for the tour to start, and I am terrified. But when Thomas is up there and the music is happening, it will all be good times.

i had to look up…

and inside the closet upstairs. Mold.

I went in the attic. It’s coming from the roof.

Sometimes I feel like this whole want to stay home and have a kid thing is fruitless.

I’ll have to go back to work. If the house keeps throwing things like this at us…I’ll have no choice.


So it was in my LJ that I learned about K-Fed sampling Thomas Dolby’s music. I gave him the link in chat. A couple days later it showed up in his forum from a different source…which is good, he has his fans looking out for him.

It has been going back and forth and bouncing around until today, when it started to hit mainstream.



The song is now missing from Good to see though, that it’s finally hit the light of day, as the record company that Mobb Deep (legally used it, and is where Federline’s steal is from) is on sort of shrugged it off, even though it is a blatant steal. Though the article at MTV says it’s from the forum, in reality, my readers rock for pointing this out to me to pass on, getting the ball rolling! So I wanted to say thanks. Thanks, guys!

One week till tour! A week from tonight it will be Thomas Dolby at the House of Blues in Anaheim! Now, if I could just find a decent hotel for the roadies in Washington…

lists, lists…

I have conquered the beast that is finding rooms in Maryland during the weekend of a huge sailing race. It ain’t pretty, but it’s done.

Fire pendants
put moss retardant metal strip on parts of roof that do not go to the rainbarrel
fix broken roof tiles
make some koala bears
move wood burning insert from neighbor’s house to ours
metal class
book a few more hotels
enjoy the sunshine (that might happen up on the roof at the very least)


small dive restaurant with wi-fi. sun, rain, coffee, books, puzzles. My dad got me going on a beginner level Sodoku game. Now I want to play more. Damn him! ;)

DLJ will come up today, he had to work. =(

Next week, oh, glass,glass,glass. I have a lot to do, many commissions. Less than two weeks now till the tour starts. Oh my lord.

Maybe it’s good I don’t have Internet at the condo right now, or I would be still working. I can get the east leg of hotels done fairly quick next week. And the only flight left to plan is the one to get us to NYC.

No other news really…I’m just really busy.

Sunday slug

Ok. I have had my cream of wheat. DLJ is scolding me for not laughing while reading the funnies. I laugh INSIDE…really, I do.

I’m sorry there has been no glass lately. I’ve been in a bit of a technique slump, and I have been obsessed with it. But here’s one from last week.

Koala Bamboo

Lots to do today. I need to figure out where my friend and I can photograph her glass tomorrow. We do have a house with many white walls but with the craziness downstairs, DLJ has his office in the living room and a lot of stuff is stashed in other rooms. The hole is filled in now, outside. What remains is carpet removal, painting the new wall and fireplace, reinstalling carpet and a french drain outside.

I want to get the painting done before I leave, so that I can help. I don’t want to leave DLJ here alone to do all that work. But time is starting to run short, especially if we go away to the coast next weekend to hang out with my parents, who are visiting their condo.

I digress. Today I need to make pizza dough for the next month, clean some beads. Tomorrow will be a day at the metal studio if I can find a buddy to go there, it’s Spring Break so there are no classes. But I want to get my metal bead a lot closer to done.

I need to also make a damn bracelet I want to wear on tour.

We have also scored a wood fire insert, free. Just need to get it to our house from a house up the street. It’s lovely and has SILVER trim, not gold/brass. Very important. We will need to rent a thingie from Home Depot or something to get it the short distance to us.

And as always, more web work. The forum is ready to go, but I want to get DLJ to sign on as a tester before I link it in the site. Plus another area is just about ready, a few last minute tweaks. I really want to release the whole thing at once, but there are reasons we want sections up now…so it will be a little…sporadic. So it goes. That’s what you get when you get only a month to overhaul an entire site. It just won’t all go at once.

Ok. Dough, then cleaning beads/photos. Maybe I will make a few more to go towards that bracelet.

And I suppose clothes would be good. It’s 10:30 and I am still in my robe and NOT WEARING PANTS!

busy, busy, busy.

It’s time to start booking hotels for the tour. And some of my plane tickets.

But I should finish the forum first.

Right! So today it’s:

plan dinner
walk to grocery for yogurt
start kiln
clean bedroom and strip bed
plant hosta
make dinner
finish td forum
work on spreadsheet for td


tomorrow it’s:
work on MY spreadsheet
mow lawn
clean kitchen
lunch at my old work
finish privacy and contacts page for

Oh, and I need to pay my library fine. Ooop. Totally forgot a book I had out, I have since returned it but need to pay fine.

Ok. Time to get dressed and get to the store and back.