Lime Swirl

One of those pieces I will have real trouble putting up for sale next weekend. One of a kind, not sure I can do it again so nicely in terms of the glass texture. Needs a touch more finishing on the bail.

Lime Swirl Pendant

First boro

Well, I got my new torch hooked up, running and messed with my little stash of boro glass that I have. This is my first pendant made with boro. I like it. Of course, I want more ooomph to work with, but thats a lot more $$$ to update my oxygen supply. Someday, but the new torch is a DREAM. After almost 5 years on the torch, I earned the upgrade!

My first work in boro.

My first work in boro.

4 minutes

Till my time is up with the babysitter.

I hate bad studio days. It’s like bad golf days, I figure, you want to play well, you know how to play well, but you are just off.

Today was an off day and I have so few studio hours it really sucks when it happens.

A razor blade, oddly, would have made a difference. But also, I dunno…just…I knew what I wanted to do, what I wanted the glass to do, but it mostly did not obey me.

It’s sunny, so maybe Derek and I will go out to a park this afternoon until it’s time to start thinking about dinner. But now, it’s time for a quick, big glass of water, and then little Derek is back in my charge, and my brain can stew over the fact that the studio time was quite lukewarm.

I did get some new things up on Etsy today, at least!

Yet another blog

For those of you who enjoy reading about my glass, I do have a glass-centric blog. I talk there a lot more about my process, shows, sales, techniques, and just that part of my life, my glass art biz and my love of the medium.

Art After the 9 to 5

In case you are interested. =)

Thursday is Derek’s first birthday! We are having a very small party that day, just my parents and us. Then a slightly larger one on Saturday, but still very small. We want simple.

DLJ’s parents can’t make it this week but will be here in September to see the little guy.

I took him to his Infant See eye appointment today. It went well, he had a good time, especially when he found the pedals that raise the eye exam chair up and down and kept making it go up and down, over and over. He is such a button/lever/switch freak!